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I have been wondering about what the best CQB weapon is, and my best guess was a Classic army P90 with a 9.6 volt battery. What are your ideas?

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Wrong, I would say that having a sniper rifle, spring, 410 FPS, and having either a small pistol that shoots around 350 or a small MP5 that goes at least 400. Then you have close range and long range. Then again, this is only my opinion.

I agree with Jack Stevenson. Completely.

the p90 is probably one of the best cqb weapons out there... altho i do love my mp5k too... they are both great.

I think the best gun for CQB is an AKS-74U which is An Ak-47/AK-74 with a short barrel. you can get it with a side folding stock or without one. I recommend one with a stock just incase you suddenly go from CQB to a longer distance

normally they run from the 350-440 fps range although the more expensive ones might be the upper 400s or even the 500s


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