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In Australia the bullying rate has increased dramatically with bullies not only using their normal face to face tactics but now also using the internet to bully others. I am not sure what it is like in other countries but...
It would be cool to see a funny video done by Rhett and link on how uncool bullying is.
something that would show how stupid bullying is and how following a bully to look cool is so uncool...why can't people think for themselves...do they really need someone to tell them what to do?

anyway just an Idea I had :)

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This would be really funny. I like that idea.
Me too! I think it whould be good! I hate bullies!
I love that idea!
Yeah they do that here too(America). Probably more often. People commit suicide over this stuff :(
But great idea, maybe bullies who watch them will see what they think :)
Oh my goodness I love this idea - I can already imagine Rhett&Link rapping up a song about bullies! For some reason I also imagine Rhett playing the role of the bully and Link as the one being bullied upon...maybe its because Rhett is taller lol.


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