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Hey Beasts,

I've got a special request...as you know, lately when we've made a music video, we've released the song as a single on iTunes and on our site.  Would you do us a beastly favor?

If you like the song, would you be so kind as to write a quick review and rate it accordingly on iTunes?  Of course, we'd be Mythically thrilled if you'd also buy the song (either on iTunes or at our site), but it'd be a huge help if we could get some more reviews and ratings on our songs...

If you wanna get started, you can do that with our most recent song, My Favorite Pillow:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/my-favorite-pillow/id391767238

We appreciate every bit of your mythical support.  It means A LOT and helps us to keep doing what we're doing!

Rhett (Shahbaz)

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rhett why do u have to be so awesome

Oc course! I will asap! And we will because we are all part of the mythical beast together!

I have written glowing reviews! Sending love to you both.

I did. Sadly my iPod stopped working so I cant listen to it. Oh well.


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