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     Rhett and Link will be one of the MANY Youtube creators attending VidCon 2010. They will be performing LIVE at the gathering/conference. For more Info on VidCon click HERE or on that big picture down there or just watch the video down there. 
     Rhett and Link have asked me to organize the first EVER Mythical Beast Gathering, at the VidCon gathering. To be involved in this historic Beast Gathering all you need to do is come to VidCon. But to do this gathering right, you have to answer two questions:

1. What should this Mythical Beast Gathering Be called? Even if you aren't planning to attend, you can still give your input as to what this first ever gathering of mythical beasts IRL (In Real Life) should be called... Comment Below. 

2. Are you coming? That's the real question. VidCon is in Los Angeles, CA on July 9,10,&11, 2010. For Pricing and things like that click on that big picture below or watch the video.


See You Guys at VidCon, and looking forward to the Mythical Meetup!!
Suggested Meet-Up Names:  
BeastBlast! (punkit743)
    Mythical Meetup (Flame Flying Armadillo)
    Mythikon (Mya (The Galumphing Cephalopod
Mythimania (Katie Pyne (Elephanda)
  K.ommunity M.ythical B.east  G.athering   (✞JeanetteWifeMoMhorphin✞)
   BeastFeast    (Heinrich Hohbach)

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Can we come and tailgate so we don't have to pay? I use to do that for Rock concerts.
I would call it "BeastFeast"

I cant attend... way to far away =(
Mythical Meetings
I vote Mythikon! Awesome name!
I vote Mythimania! See you at Vidcon!
I'm only an hour away and I'm not going. Oh well.
Have fun at VidCon! I'll be in Chicago this weekend.


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