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I've noticed that in one of the old livekasts (the April 9th 2009 livekast, to be exact) that Link says "As-sallum Alaykum" which means "peace be with you" in Arabic. This caught me by surprise (in a good sense lol) and I'm just wondering how did he know that? Are there any other languages the dynamic duos know? Italian perhaps?...

And to all the mythical beasts out there, what other language do you know besides your native one? e.g. I speak English but I know a little bit of Arabic, French and Italian :)

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Je parle français tous les jours! J'habite au Québec :)
But unfortunately I don't speak English very well...
Hey, moi aussi je parle français!!!(Meaning, hey, I'm speaking french too!!) Well, french is my first language, english my second, I do know a little bit of italian and japanese, a couple of years of spanish and that's it!
I speak a little German - I took two years, and we only made it through the first year textbook. x]
My German name was Elke. ^^
My first language is Spanish, but I can speak italian and English:-)
E io sono italiano xD
I'm Italian!
I took a year of Italian my sophomore year of college. I don't remember much of what I learned the second semester, that being past-tense conjugations and such. Unfortunately living in Arizona doesn't give molto opportunita per praticare, but I have found that I understand a lot more Spanish since taking Italian. My uncle, his new wife (a native Spanish-speaker), and my brother-in-law were all having a conversation in Spanish a couple months ago, and I was surprised to find that I could understand most of what they were saying.
I can speak some Italian, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Chinese, Swahili (a couple words, my friend is teaching me) and Cajun. Oh, and I'm kinda fluent in English but I won't hold myself to that seeing as I replace words for the foreign counterparts... I also know a couple Hebrew words but not nearly enough to say I speak it.
Is that Canadian Bacon?
Dia diabh go Leir! Ta me in ann caint as gaeilge mar teim chuig gaelscoil in Eire.
(Hi everyone! I speek Irish cause I go to an Irish school)

I know some french and my dad is Spanish so I can speek Spanish too
Ik spreek nederlands, en ik leer frans, duits en engels. En omdat mijn vader limburgs is kan ik vlaams verstaan. Ik spreek ook een beetje zuid-afrikaans ( omdat dat een soort van nederlands is). En als laatste ken ik een woord in het fries... mijn (eerste)naam :D (omdat het vlaams is, het betekent vrouw)...

(I speek dutch, I'm learning to speak french, german and English. And because my dad is Limburgs i can understand flemish. I also know a bit south african (because it's kinda dutch). And as last I know one word in frieze... my (first)name :D (because it's frieze, it means female)....)


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