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Noobs are referred to the 1st Annual IKC results page for details to explain how this thing works. Only this time we're adding one small twist:


Femk(o)e Slangen (yuxa) will lead Team EuroBeast

Gumbo123 will lead Team US&theWorld


Here are the rules as agreed to by the Team Captains:

  • 1 point scored for each sovereign country represented
  • 1 point scored for each 5 US States represented (max 10 points)
  • Each portion of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) allowed to count seperately
  • European countries are as defined by Wikipedia


Use this handy dandy Time Zone converter / event planner to see what time the IKC Challenge will occur in your part of the world.  Use Friday, Jan.27 as the event date, GMT in location #1 and your city/country/zone in location #2: 



Here is an example for the 9PM (GMT) start time (click image to enlarge)




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Don't let the abundance of countries possible for Team World fool you! 

Based on last year's results, Team Europe would have still won by a score of 9-8


Leave your comments and COMMITMENTS below and get added to the team roster!

First 2 beasts to register will get to be Captains representing their country.


USA USA USA ( Texas more specifically )

I'm in!

me too. I'll represent WI.

Oddosaurus Is IN!! USA ALL THE WAY!!! *Mostly in N.J. :3* :D:D:D:D This seems like alot of* fun!! Great idea :D

P.S. I might be a little bit late because I have school :D *and The whole Time zone thing doesn't help my brain :)*

I'm in for California. Let's do this!

Cool, I'm pretty sure I can be there. (...aaand I think you already know I live in California.)

im game for this. USA

So is Canada - British Columbia BC time then? 'cause I need some mountain time up in this HOUSE.

Yep, It'll be at 2:00 PM mountain time.

Mack (Alrokabeesk) said:

So is Canada - British Columbia BC time then? 'cause I need some mountain time up in this HOUSE.

I'm in, let's play this game!
Go England!:D 

This sounds cool! I think I can be there! USA! USA!


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