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Hey, Beasts – nominations for the People’s Voice categories of the 20th annual Webby Awards were announced today, and Rhett and Link are nominated!!

Rhett and Link have also been listed as honorees (not part of the voting) in the following categories:

Congratulations to Rhett and Link for the recognitions. Now let’s get out there and vote for Good Mythical Morning! :)



The Webby Awards announced via Snapchat the winner of the People's Choice vote for Online Film & Video - Web Personality, and guess who won? :) RHETT AND LINK, of course!

Congrats to Rhett and Link for winning this vote-based award. It's all thanks to you Mythical Beasts who voted for Rhett and Link to win, so big shout-out to YOU, too! :D

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I have tried to vote everyday but for whatever reason I have not been able to since this past Friday. :(

Oh no! The only other thing I can think of right now is to try clearing your browser history/cache and see if that helps with the Webby Awards website allowing you to vote again. 

Thanks for the suggestion! I was able to vote today without having to do anything. But I will keep your suggestion in mind in case I have the problem again :)

With over 40 percent of the vote now and like two days left, I guess the guys should start preparing something better than a 5 word speech!! Haha!

5-word limit - - - "Thanks! Let's talk about that."

Here's a thread that has been going the last two years for suggestions:

Webby 5-Word Acceptance Speech 

UPDATE: The Webby Awards announced this evening via Snapchat that Rhett and Link won the People's Choice award for their category Online Film & Video - Web Personality. I've updated the discussion post with the information! Woohoo!



The Webby Awards show airs TOMORROW, May 17th! A clip of Rhett and Link on GMM is in the advertising trailer!

Oops, I missed a category in the original post!

Rhett and Link were also honorees in the following category:


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