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At 11:59am on August 21, 2011,
Kevin (UniSeal)

Hey Robin,

I was on the Groups tab recently and noticed there were only 3 featured groups. I was just thinking that a good choice for another would be the GMCL Fan Club, since it has several hundred members and is solely about something Rhett and Link related. I know you're in in charge of approving the groups now, and though I don't know if this is exactly in your jurisdiction, I just thought I'd let you know.

At 8:33pm on April 27, 2011, Lexi (Lauma) gave Robin Dufilho (Puck) a gift
At 1:09am on April 14, 2011,

At approximately 11:00PM (EST) on Wednesday, April 13th, 2010, Alex from New York, NY - - the city so nice they named it twice - - became Mythical Beast Kommunity Member #15,000 . . . be sure to drop by and say a big hello & welcome.




At 10:43am on March 11, 2011, TheToppingFamily said…
Thanks for the kind words Robin! We've had a great time getting here, and meeting Rhett and Link. We're hoping to have an equally great time heading home. We've been up-loading to Youtube all night, with a couple of failed attempts. We're hoping for better internet connection at out next hotel. Also, stay tuned, we're looking to go to caves today or tomorrow, and some other fun stuff. We love it when people enjoy our videos!
At 12:48am on March 10, 2011, Erin said…
So I got wind from a few people's vids that some info was given at other stops about their upcoming project. We didn't get that info! What should we do? I'm so curious! lol
At 9:35pm on March 8, 2011, Erin said…
What is your twitter handle? Mine is @eiremerald
At 9:15pm on March 7, 2011, Erin said…
Yes, I'm thankful that I have that flexibility, but unfortunately my friend (who is also a huge fan) does not. :( So, I will be driving there alone. *sniff sniff* I'm going to try and get them to do a video message for her though so she'll feel a little better. She's devastated, poor thing.
At 7:50pm on March 7, 2011, Erin said…
FYI just got a tweet from Link that they're going to be in Amarillo TOMORROW not Wednesday! Tomorrow 6pm or later.
At 11:28am on March 1, 2011,
Robin - - a couple of people have asked if I could start a GROUP page for those planning to meet up the various stops along the way for R&L's road trip from NC to CA next week.  I notice that GROUP approvals have been intermittent lately, so wondered if you could put this one on the "fast track" so I can add a discussion thread for each of the scheduled stops along the way by no later than Thursday.
At 4:55pm on February 28, 2011, Michael Gorman (The Human Radio) gave Robin Dufilho (Puck) a gift
At 5:27pm on January 27, 2011,

IKC Challenge Update:

FYI --  the following message was sent to the International Fans Group today


FINAL NOTICE ! ! !  that’s right, I’m talking to YOU !

What's the deal ? ? ? still no word from you on particpating in the IKC Challenge to represent your country . . . is 10:00PM (GMT) too early or late in your particular corner of the planet to participate in a truly historical event? It's never too early or late for a true Mythical Beast . . .



At 4:09pm on January 23, 2011,
hey Robin - - thanks for the blog plug for the IKC Challenge, but noticed that the link to the original discussion is not working.  I will post the proper link in comments now, but please correct when you have a chance.  Thanks again!
At 10:43pm on January 21, 2011, Mary Q (Umbralagus) said…
Hi, I see you are also from Texas. I'm new around these parts (the Kommunity).  So here's a "Howdy" to you :)
At 3:25pm on December 23, 2010,
At 1:23pm on December 21, 2010, Gideone (Eyecow Smoker) said…

hi robin! i want to whish you a merry christmas with this video i have made ;)




At 3:46pm on November 30, 2010,
Relly enjoying your "Kommunity Highlighter" blogs. Keep up the good work.

Just curious, but I noticed that there have been no new groups added for the past several weeks - - was watching for one that a member in Kommunity Chat had mentioned was in the works quite a while back.

Anyways, here's an item you might find interesting - - the most annoying song ever created is discussed here on a Kommunity Forum. Late one night (actually, very early one morning @ 2:00am) there were a half dozen of us in chat and playing this thing over and over and laughing ourselves silly. Enjoy
At 6:40am on November 25, 2010, Cee ( The Platysombat) said…
Hey Robin how do we put a pin in the map..... I cant see it when i go to the great American Road trip page...... Can U help this mythical Beast Out.....

Oh an Happy Thanksgiving
At 4:14pm on October 25, 2010, ŽaltysEglė said…
At 5:40pm on October 12, 2010, Gideone (Eyecow Smoker) said…
thank you very much robin ;) share it on facebook or here if you like! ;)
At 2:01am on October 9, 2010, Josh (Linkipoo) said…

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