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At 12:30pm on November 29, 2014, Anna (Thatrandomlady) said…

I remember you. It has been a few years since I have been on so you may not remember me. But I remember many a good time we spent braiding hair over chat. SO I thought I would pop in and see if you were still alive. 

At 1:25pm on August 13, 2013,

You really should contact Hannah (MalaBear)! and get together to plan a DFW area site for MythiCon 2013.  She's looking for other DFW-area mythical beasts to get together this weekend and celebrate Rhett and Link.

At 9:00pm on July 20, 2013, Andrew Eaton (Fire Wolf) said…

You changed your profile pic!!!! :P

At 12:48am on July 9, 2013, Marcus Bean (Wilt) said…

At 10:30pm on June 23, 2013, octavio(parakeetmaster101) said…

welcome back!

At 9:24pm on June 21, 2013, Batman said…


At 1:11am on January 13, 2013, octavio(parakeetmaster101) said…

well anyways happy late birthday 

At 1:55am on November 20, 2012, octavio(parakeetmaster101) said…

we all still miss you you should come on sometime 

At 2:10am on September 29, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…


It was my fault. I WAS going to be here tonight, but I got busy. Can you forgive me? D:

I really do miss you, though. It feels like we haven't talked in ages. This needs to change!

So sorry I missed you, but hopefully we can run into each other soon. I really need some of your mini cheesecakes. Just to keep me alive.

At 2:30am on August 7, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

...but, don't worry about it too much if you ever get them. You'll survive!

Ok. I really have no idea if you'll like these songs or not, but it's worth a shot. I thought about Keith Urban. He's country, but not like super twangy country (at least, not to me). Try his songs "Somebody Like You" or "Days Go By". You don't have to like them at all, so don't worry. But, he does have an awesome Australian accent, so that's a plus. ^^

That's awesome. I would love to have a foreign exchange student. Seems like a lot of fun.

Doesn't feel like seven months. I think it's been so long because I take so long to reply sometimes. My fault.

We'll have to double check to see if our messages get cut off, I guess. Like mine just did. XD

At 2:28am on August 7, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

*Insert creative sentence here. My brain doesn't want to think right now.*

I believe it's been far too long since we've last talked. And why is the Komm scaring you? I say you go for it! I think it's really cute short. Are you cutting shorter than your chin? I just want to cut a few inches off the bottom. Shorten up my layers, so nothing super dramatic. I have to do it soon, though. We have school pictures next week. :/ (Don't worry! Short hair doesn't work well with me anyways. I only ever cut it that short ONCE. When I was twelve. haha)

I like being busy doing the things I didn't have time to do during the school year. Because then I feel productive. So, you're right, you get to choose what type of busy you are (most of the time). And during these three months, we forget so much. We invest so much time into school to learn these things only to forget them during summer. Maybe my idea would work for some people, then? haha.

Oh yeah, it's not a problem if you have nowhere to go in the morning. But in the meantime it's a hard habit to break. I also forgot how much I liked reading--one of the many reasons I stay up late. But I still have 16 books on my reading list. (I would look up that song right now, but YouTube is kinda blocked right now. My dad blocked it a few days ago, so I'm basically dying.) We do need to straighten out a better sleep schedule soon though, because SCHOOL IS STARTING IN TWO WEEKS. Didn't summer just start yesterday? I don't wanna go back yet. :( I go back on the 21st. How about you?

Yeah, but sometimes they have so much sentimental value that it takes three times longer to get rid of them. It's something we have to do some time or another, unfortunately. I did rearrange my room! I just needed something new. But I kinda like it. I just have to figure out how to place all my shelves an picture frames. I even re-did my art desk! I'm so happy with it. I got rid of so many things and reorganized everything, so I'm all excited about it. But I still have tons more stuff that I can't fit in there. Sam is waving to you. :)

I assume you have finished Lost by now. How was it? Did you like it? Are you even still alive from all the feels?

Oh, I'd love to see it! Whenever I see Starry Night, I always think of you. I even saw a Starry Night umbrella the other day.

DeviantArt is really good at inspiring me or making me jealous. But either way, I love it.


I need to draw a really good piece to sign and give to you, then. Make sure it measures up to your book!

YES. I DID FINISH SHERLOCK. Goodness, it was so good. My emotions were all over the place. The only problem is, season 3 isn't out yet. I'm just glad you recommended it. THANK YOU.

I now have braces. I can honestly say the whole thing wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I mean, it was no stroll in the park, but still not a totally terrible experience. And this is coming from someone who is completely terrified of the dentist. The first week was the worst, with the pressure and trying to get used to them, but now everything's good. I still have a few problems eating, but not that bad. They've already straightened out a lot. The ceramic braces make a huge difference! Sometimes I even forget I have them. They'll be great for pictures during the school year. I just have to be careful about what I eat, the ceramics stain easily. I don't have to get my expander for another month, I think? So, the lisp is post-poned until then. :) But, don't wor

At 8:30pm on July 27, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…


Hey. I think your last reply got cut off again. XD You kinda stopped in the middle of a thought. I just wanted to make sure before I replied to it, so yeah. Thought I'd let you know. :)

Talk to you later~

At 7:56pm on July 15, 2012, Andrew Eaton (Fire Wolf) said…

Ello, you changed your pic!  BTW Charlie is gone. Like off the Komm gone. Its weird.

At 11:09pm on July 12, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

*This is like super late*

I honestly JUST realized part of my message got cut off (again). XD Gosh, how did I not notice that?? Weeeell, here's the rest of it--one week late. hahaha


Oh yes. We started off with pretty short messages. I didn’t even intend for them to carry on, but here we are. Haha. I love to go back and read them, though. When we're done, I would love to print the whole thing out and put them together. It'd be like a mini book! It's so weird to think that we've been writing back and forth for seven months. More than half the year. Wow. We rock.

Also, there's nothing wrong with the word "yay". It's an Aimée-yay, so it's cool.

At 8:21pm on July 5, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

*Will not move from seat until reply is finished*

I really have to get better at responding sooner…

I’m considering cutting my hair again. Maybe I should cut it as short as yours! Haha. That'd be a disaster on my hair.

Isn’t the point of summer vacation to NOT do anything? Take a break? Relax? Apparently not. I’ve been kinda busy too. So far, I’ve literally spent half of my summer at someone else’s house. I feel like I’m never home. :( Oh well. I guess this is much better than actually being in school.

So if school kills our grammar and math skills, then isn’t that counterproductive? It’s suppose to help us learn, not destroy what little knowledge we retain by the end of the year! Looks like we need to shorten the school year. Or maybe, break it up into sections. Like, have a month long “summer vacation” every three months. We’d still be in school for the same amount of time, so why not? Haha.

There’s only one problem with sleeping so much during summer…having to break that cycle once school starts up again. I stay up pretty late as it is, but I’m going to bed later and later since I don’t have to wake up for school. I really need to fix that. *hits head*

Don’t worry, I still have mine too. I had tons as a kid, but I finally forced myself to donate most of them. I only keep the ones that are really special to me.

I finally cleaned my room too! :D

…but then I made it messy again…

But, that only means I get to clean it again!! Oh yay. I need to rearrange my room too. I’ve had it the same way for 7 years. Heh. I think I’ll do that today. (I’ve been telling myself that for the past week)

Hey, it’s never too late to have a Starry Night cake. You can have one for your eighteenth birthday! That’d be really cool.

Yes! I looked him up, and I’ve seen some of his work before. It’s beautiful. I really like his piece titled ‘Come Together’. I can spend hours on DeviantArt. ^^ I love it.


OHH. I’ll have a signed copy of Dr.Aimee’s future book?! This is wonderful! I’ll definitely be sure to send you a signed art piece in return.

That was so saaad. Poor Sawyer. But I still liked Hurley and his girlfriend…her name escapes me. They were so cute!

I also have you to thank for getting me to watch Sherlock. I love it. I just wish they had more episodes.

If you ever get the video, I’d love to watch it sometime. What did you launch from the catapult anyways?

Good news. (Not really.) I can’t invisalign. Apparently, the office we went to doesn’t support our dental plan…blah blah blah…if you want them, pay full price. So, that didn’t end up working for us. Oh well. We’re now going with the ceramic braces, so the brackets are clear. That’s better than the metal ones. I ONLY HAVE SEVEN DAYS OF FREEDOM. I get them next week. :( Then I will have a terrible lisp and die inside. I know, I’m a bit dramatic. XD Jacob’s getting them the same day too. Woop-de-do. Are you getting them anytime soon?

WOO TROPHY. Congrats Aimee, for holding the longest weather conversation ever. I think we did good.

I love new albums. I’ve listened to a couple of Atomic Tom songs. They’re not bad! Song recommendations…I still need to find one country song you’ll like. The hunt begins.

Kathi was a foreign exchange student, right? Did she stay for the school year? She probably felt like a sister, I bet.

Oh yes. We started off with pretty short messages. I didn’t even intend for them to carry on, but here we are. Haha.

At 7:50pm on June 8, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

(Hahaha. My message got cut off too. XD )


They said ideally, I should've gotten braces 2 years ago. I really didn't want braces for senior year, so that was terrible for me to hear. Luckily, we might get a good deal on the invisilign, so I'll probably get those. Oh, and on top of that, I have a small cavity! YAY -.- How did that happen anyways? Either way, I hate hate hate hate hate the dentist. I need to stop talking about this, you're probably getting bored. XD

Gosh, that would be so nice once in a while! Like, take a week-long vacation just for the heck of it, and come back nice and relaxed. Even without school, life is hectic enough. I am also tired of being tired.
*just noticed* Wow. Our weather conversation has ceased! (Or has it really, now that I'm bringing it up again?) haha.
OH OH OH. (You don't need to respond to this) MY TOP THREE FAVORITE ARTISTS ARE ALL COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM THIS YEAR. EEEEEEE. I already have one of them, and Josh Turner's comes out in 4 DAYS. *giddy* Ok, just needed to say that. I'm crazy, I know.

At 7:41pm on June 8, 2012, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

*Now it's my turn to apologize...(again). This is just a tad late. heh.*
Yeah, you're welcome! I think it looks really cute on you. I also got a haircut! But it was like 2 weeks ago. I cut off 7 inches, and it's still really long. haha. I can't keep my hair too short, otherwise it'll be a big poofball. I was getting so tired of it, so I'm glad I cut it. It's nice for summer.
YOU DON'T HAVE NINE DAYS ANYMORE. WE ARE OFFICIALLY FREEEEEEEEE. (Maybe I'll start going nuts too.) BUT GOSH, it's been SO nice. I like having the ability to say: "I don't feel like doing anything today". Kinda hard to believe we're already 2 weeks in.
Looks like you barely pulled through those last few weeks of school. At least your craziness was entertaining to read. XD I could totally imagine you speaking English...entonces español...then French...and then gibberish. School kills that part of your brain where grammar matters.
I'm sure you've been catching up on your sleep. It's too precious to lose. I LOVE SLEEP.
Ahh, your room is so cute! I love how the stuffed animals slowly take over your wall. (My LOTR stuff does the same thing. It's spreading...hehe.) I gotta clean my room soon too. I WANT to. So badly. But, since I'm house-sitting, like I was telling you, I'm not home all the time. I like to make it an all-day project. *sigh*
Since I know that you like the Starry Night painting, I wanted to show you these pictures. We had Starry Night cupcakes on our last day of Art class. And, that is a pin I have on one of my bags. (I love pins. ^.^ )

There's so many interesting things about people. Accents, customs, and different nationalities are so neat to me. But mostly accents, I love them to death! They're are beyond entertaining to me. :D
(Absolutely. I'll buy your first copy!)
And thanks again! I love to tutor (math), so enjoy at least. College math professor, here I come! And you'll become Dr. Aimée!
So you're almost done with Lost! keep going...then you can finally watch the video I sent you.
We never actually got the Physics class. Instead, we have anatomy and physiology. Which I would've considered, but it's during yearbook, and I will not miss that class again this year! He'll be taking Chemistry. I think he's excited, though. He loves science.
I'd love to see a video!
Thanks for the comment on the video! How could I forget you? Here. I'll make you a deal: When we're both famous and stuff, I'll trade you one of my art pieces for one of your books! haha.
What was your portfolio for?
Gahh. The Dentist. That evil, evil place. Definitely one of my biggest fears. I had to go for a check-up. They recommended that I go to an orthodontist, so we scheduled another appointment. In the past three weeks, I've gone to the dentist 3 times, and I have to go back again like two more times this month. THE TORTURE NEVER ENDS. Turns out, my teeth are really messed up. I have a cross bite, and that's causing the problems with my jaw/bite. (I have TMJ, which I've known for quite a while, but haven't anything about.) I need braces and an expander (that thing is frightening) so I don't have problems later in life. They said ideally, I should've gotten braces 2 years ago. I

At 9:45pm on June 2, 2012, Grace Mathias said…
I have been a fan of Rhett and Link since I was 9...
I finally have gotten the chance to be Mythical Beast!
B) [Link] <:) [Rhett]
At 11:43pm on May 31, 2012, Angel M. (Auguzombie) said…

Hey Aimee! Angel here :) We're all going to miss you so much! You're awesome!!! Just wanted to say that I, and pretty much all of the other Kommunity members, are really going to miss you!! You rock!

Best Wishes!,

Angel (Auguzombie)

At 11:29pm on May 31, 2012, Andrew Eaton (Fire Wolf) said…

You changed your pic! Clint Eastwood is great!  "Go ahead, make my day."


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