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At 1:53am on February 9, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

I mean, if this doesn't say violent and intimidating, I don't know what does. 

Lol, I actually couldn't though. I just like to pull out the Stockton card once in a while because it's totally not me. I'm a loyal Riponite these days.

At 2:40pm on February 7, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Woah woah woah. I'll have you know that I'm actually ABOVE the country's average! Don't pick on the lowly (pun intended) and feeble! Besides. I would win a fight, I grew up in Stockton. *kinda tough*

At 1:26am on February 7, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

-2?? I don't know how you do it. Even now it's 40 and I would say it's cold haha. I mean, I absolutely prefer colder weather, but my definition of "cold" is pretty pathetic comparatively. But I also can't handle anything over 80, so I have a very small range of comfort.

YES YES AND YES. I need to see the hobbit houses!! And Yellowstone. That's a must. And the Grand Canyon. Actually, just one huge road trip is a dream of mine.

At 12:27pm on February 6, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Also, while I was in DC, I walked right into Virginia (before we got kicked out)! So that brings my grand total up to 4 states now. 46 more to go.

At 12:25pm on February 6, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Right! I will say the terrain is pretty different than California's, there are irrigation circles everywhere lol. But it's so beautiful and I love flying. 

Oh goodness yes, I'm an absolute wimp with the heat. And I can't imagine the humidity! We only have dry heat here and that's awful enough. I love the cold, but I'll admit I was absolutely freezing in Baltimore. It was only 3o on average, but it was definitely a different kind of cold. Although I did enjoy it, I was glad to leave right before it dipped below 20!

At 11:21pm on February 5, 2019, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Here's my proof! While only a minuscule amount of time,  I can now add "Time zone traveler" to my resume!

Baltimore was good, but I definitely missed home. I spent one day in D.C. but everything was closed because of the government shutdown. :( However, I did meet the nicest group of Australians there so that made it better! Plus it snowed a lot!

At 3:15am on November 8, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

I will have my proof in January! The destination: Baltimore.

My school is sending me to the JMM again, what I did in San Diego earlier this year. Not only will I have an *official* out of state experience, but I will also be in a different time zone for the first time ever. For once, you will actually have a better time zone over me!

I would really like to visit a more conservative state for once because California annoys me, but I'll take what I can get!

At 3:18am on November 7, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

I'll have you know that I'll be traveling to a whole new state soon.


At 6:38pm on January 24, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

At 5:38pm on January 23, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

You are so lucky. Summer is terrible here, and it really doesn't even get as bad as it could. Upper 90's and 100's is the norm for mooonths -_- Summer is by far the biggest gripe I have with living in CA.

I have heard almond pronounced at least four different ways:

1.  ALL-mund

2.  AW-mihnd (What I say)

3.  AHM-ind (Like the A in cAt)

4. ^Any of the above choices without the "d" at the end

The A, L, and D are the letters up for debate. It's a complicated word here, apparently

At 2:34am on January 20, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Impressive! I don't know if I could handle weather that sporadic. I can't imagine it gets that hot though? My town is known for.....almonds. Not exciting, and only causes unnecessary debate for the "correct" pronunciation of almond. Modesto (10 minutes away) is known for some cool stuff though! Jeremy Renner went to my JC and George Lucas is from there. Macklemore even filmed a recent music video in downtown Modesto. But it's also like the second highest car theft capital of the entire U.S., so that's fun. 

Perhaps I did deserve it because I was wearing sandals after everyone kept telling me to wear shoes...

At 12:03pm on January 19, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Any of the northern states would be so amazing to see! It's so much wider. It's totally bizarre to me that there can be so much distance between towns or cities. I mean, put two Stocktons (where I was born!) together, and you already have a population size larger than Wyoming.

Maybe SD has bipolar weather like CA too? It's actually hilarious to see us wimpy Californians face the "cold".

As far as my foot, I was skateboarding. Down a flat, wide sidewalk. No one around. At about 2 mph. Call me talented to not only fall with no outside factors, but also manage to break three metatarsals. My doctor did: "Yes. Congratulations, Jessica. You actually managed a very unusual injury.  I've never seen someone do this from skateboarding." This is my second break from wheeled contraptions, so maybe I should just stay away from them. Needed surgery to correct my bones and I'm finally mostly healed. The scars at least look pretty gnarly, which is important. Haha But the whole story is far too long for this comment though, so I'll save it for later.

At 6:07am on January 17, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Quite accurate! I'm really a world-renowned mathematician and everyone loves to hear me talk about math for hours. (Haha yeah right.)

It's actually funny you say that because one of my professors is trying to organize us going to Colorado this summer for Mathfest! I'm also applying to an internship thing that could potentially take me to Ohio as well. Out of country is the eventual plan, but I'd like to explore a lot more of the US first.

Sunny, nearly 80 degree beaches are great, but my heart will always be with the mountains and snow! And it's sad because we barely got any snow this year. No snow trips so far. :( It'll probably sound funny to you, but I don't even know what 10 degrees feels like. The coldest I've experienced is about 26 from my old work freezer. Haha It rarely gets below 30 in the valley.

The convention center is massive, and we only used about 1/4 of the building for this event. Thank goodness too, because I've only been walking for 6 weeks from a bad foot break. (I'm horribly clumsy in case you were not aware.)

At 7:36pm on January 15, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

The plane ride was actually amazing!! Pretty much ideal weather conditions and I had empty seats next to me on the way home. I definitely get motion sick, but the views were fantastic.

I was out in San Diego for the 2018 JMM! Which is short for "the largest math conference in the world." My school flew me and a friend out there for 4 days and basically paid for everything haha. I can't even tell you how beautiful the city was and all the things we did. We barely slept because we were taking advantage of our time there every minute of the day.

Naturally, we enjoyed our last day at Coronado Beach (which is the prettiest one I've seen so far) and had the most perfect weather. Plus apparently it makes sense to go to the beach during winter in CA. :P

I could keep going on about it (I did take like 800 pictures), but I'll stop here for your sake. 

At 5:08am on January 10, 2018, Jessica (Swamp Chicken) said…

Here we go again, Kevin.

I'm officially traveling by plane...for the first time ever.

Of course, it's only to San Diego, which is still in good 'ol CA, but it counts! Maybe?

Thought I'd keep you up to date on my (almost) out of state adventures!

At 3:38pm on December 15, 2017,

I went back and rewatched the segment of the nougat story with closed captions turned on. No less than 40 utterances in the last 15 minutes.

It's a total


At 2:54pm on December 15, 2017,

A Frontier Story - Buddy System S2 (Ep 6)


At 1:40pm on July 25, 2017,

FYI - - I'm watching you two. 

I've got enough issues on my own without taking blame for someone else's

At 10:31am on July 25, 2017,
Victoria (Centauromadoose)

Aha! Blaming Gumbo seems perfectly reasonable to me. I always get the feeling he's up to something... ;)

At 1:35pm on July 21, 2017,
Victoria (Centauromadoose)

Are you on the east coast now, or something? Suspicious...but I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, so I'm glad my birthday wish to you has been accepted after all. Phew! I was really on edge there for a while.

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