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UPDATE! The R&L covers are coming along nicely. However, the rub some bacon on it cover will probably be a shorter version because there aren't exactly too many parts with a melody or anything in them. Just a beat in the background which would get repetitive after awhile. My OCD is also going well, I just have to get some parts smoothed out. I have been a bit busy, and I also tend to play piano and work on the R&L pieces, but then get distracted by playing like 20 other piano pieces. I also want to play some songs from Rhett and Link's buddy system in the future. I'm making some plans (not official though) to play My Exercise Bike, and Tough Decisions (A Whale Is Gonna Die) from season 1. That's about it. With a busy summer ahead of me, I'm not sure when I'll finish the videos. BYMB!

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Comment by Emma (The Mythical Cat) on June 7, 2017 at 4:49pm

Nice! I was waiting for an update on the covers! I'm really excited to see the covers when they come out. 


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