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I came into this "Kommunity" thinking it was a site that was supportive of everyone (every human) despite how they live their personal lives. I regret to say that I was wrong. This is a community which is run by someone who does not know how to uphold what they have professionally and fairly. Granted, if you have seen me in chat I cuss and get easily pissed off by spammers and those who do not even make an effort when it comes to spelling, but to allow one member to constantly belittle another because of their personal life to the brink of pushing them out of this "supportive and caring community" and sweeping them under the rug is wrong. Disgusting. Pathetic. Sickening.

This is exactly what's wrong with society and why most come to sites like this. To get away from it. There's enough of bullying and calling it "freedom of speech" or "expressing an opinion" or some bullshit of the like. There should be no room for that. If one does express an opinion they should also have an understanding the other person has a right to their as well as a sign of respect. But I guess a thing such as respect has been dead for quite a while now.

I am no where near perfect, I judge people too. But sometimes I keep those judgments to myself and sum it up to "That person has a right to live their life like I have a right to live mine.".

I'm sure there's more I have to say and would like to say but I am unable to come up with the words, so I will leave this like it is for now.

LSM (Inhumane)

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