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Reasons why I enjoyed meeting Rhett & Link

Hello everyone,

I have had the absolute privilege to go to VidConEU and to meet Rhett & Link and also the privilege to meet some other fans.

I am mostly active on Twitter and I do notice that a few people on there have shared their experiences with meeting Rhett & Link, which I must say is an absolute joy to read since that way I can relive it a little bit.

I wouldn't mind sharing my experience of meeting them, yet as I am not one to follow the stream, I'd like to approach it a little differently. Originality. Not really. Mostly just me being dumb. Don't take me serious & keep in mind English is not my first language please.

So here's a few reasons why I enjoyed meeting them and why you may enjoy meeting them:

Like you need me to tell you a few reasons.

1. They are truly the kindest.

As if this doesn't seem obvious in the ways they interact with fans, online and offline, they are SO kind. Not posting what I told them, but they were so kind and very supportive and they did not rush anyone. They gave their undivided attention to anyone who came in front of them, time and time again.

2. They are hilarious. As if I need to put emphasis on this.

During the Q&A they were sarcastic, while I realize some really don't like sarcasm, or I know some people who really can't pick up on sarcasm. I LOVE it and I just enjoyed the 'show' they put on. They answered questions sincerely, but of course in their own style spiced up with their unique style of comedy. Obviously it is much more than just sarcasm, but for me that jumped out the most, and I really enjoyed that.

3. They are very real.

With this I am not talking about how they are actual people. Duh! They seemed to approach the event and meeting fans in a very real and down - to - earth manner. During a panel about 'Dynamic Duos' they apparently noticed that the Q&A part was at a rather slow pace and that not everyone was able to ask their question because of that reason, then during their Q&A they just got the crew to put out 2 microphones near the stage and people who wanted to ask a question could line up, to not lose any time. You know what? They answered every single one of them! Champs! They seemed very real in the sense of, what is the most efficient way to do something and how can we get the most out of it, and not only them, but also us, the fans.

4. They are so humble.

When they came out, they were walking over a balcony, where fans could see them, when we started waving they started waving back. Then when they were on the ground floor they 'got ready' to start their meet and greets, they first went to all the volunteers helping them and the photographer to shake hands and introduce themselves to everyone. I didn't pay that much attention to all other creators, but the other ones I did meet, I did not see them do that. (Which doesn't make them any less of a person, absolutely not, but seeing R&L do it just caught me off guard and made my respect for them grow).

5. They really listen.

As I said with reason number 1, they really do give you their undivided attention. I felt like there was a lot going on around us, with 5 meet and greet rows standing pretty close to each other and everyone being very very nervous to meet them and also not being willing to leave the meet and greet space just yet after it had already been our turn. For me, I first started stumbling over my words, which made me decide to first take the picture, to gather myself. Then they turned around towards me and I was able to talk a little bit better. I didn't let them say much, but they thanked me for telling what I told them and for waiting in line, but obviously that was my pleasure. They didn't rush you, they took their time. They listen to you attentively and react appropriately. As many others I think, I also have those thoughts like "I shouldn't have rushed myself" or "I could have said more to them, or something else". But let it be very clear that I am SO grateful to have had the chance to meet them. With every time I saw that someone had run into them or had had the chance to meet them, I NEVER would have expected to get that opportunity.

6. Their "No-nonsense" approach.

This is something some people may not like, which I understand completely, but myself being a person who likes an approach like this, I totally respected it and liked it.

Sometimes creators after panels would come up at the edge of the stage for autographs, and with Rhett & Link, after their Q&A I did want to take my chance in trying to get something autographed, since with the Meet & Greets, the volunteers told us that we couldn't get something autographed, yet then apparently the people standing in line behind us did get autographs (Which is really nice for them, no trying to point a finger or anything. Really, genuinly happy for them). So I wanted to take my chance, for them it was an immediate and clear 'no'. I like that. 

The approach was also made clear for me in the 'not having people run around with microphones' and instead just making people come to the microphones to save everyone's time and to make the most out of the experience, also because they noticed people got really self-conscious seeing themselves on the big screens in the audience when not asking a question.

As well as when there was a question asked that may not be as appropriate to ask. They reacted graciously and just immediately moved on. I really appreciate that.

7. Their love for the Mythical Beasts.

They were SO kind with every single person, young and old, it was endearing to see. They were genuinly excited to meet their fans and to interact with them and to hear from them. They also pressed on this during the Q&A that it is one thing to see comments on their videos, but it is something else to hear it in real life when getting to meet their fans. They seemed just as excited as the fans who were about to meet them. They recognized several fans and acknowledged them and they were reacting to everyone in an appropriate manner. 

8. Not only meeting them.

This is not going to be the case for everyone, but if your opportunity to meet them lies within an event such as 'VidCon' (Which I am SO grateful for, that it came to Europe). You will not only get to meet Rhett & Link, you will also get to meet other Mythical Beasts. For me, I don't personally know any other fans of them whom I can sit down and talk to or enjoy the episodes with. So to have had that experience over that weekend was absolutely phenomenal. We arrived at Friday around noon (when the videos get posted) and then that night, even if we were absolutely exhausted from not only traveling for the person I shared a room with, but also from sightseeing Amsterdam, we sat down in our hotelbeds, ready to sleep; but we watched that Friday's GMM and GMMore together. That was a very fun experience to be able to also hear someone else's immediate feedback and reactions and to wind down after a long day like that. It was wonderful, to meet other fans who have discovered them in their own ways and for it all to come together and for everyone to have included them in their daily routines. To those, I have met at VidConEU. Let me tell you, it was a delight and an honor to be able to meet you and I thank you for being a part of my experience.

So.. Those are just a few things that I absolutely enjoyed and made my experience with meeting them last Sunday,, one of the most fun days ever. I had been watching these men for a while already, and there is so much to it than just this little bit I wrote, although my thought was to spare you of reading an entire book. I sincerely hope you all get the chance to meet them, since it is a wonderful experience and they are both very genuine and authentic personalities. One maybe more charismatic than the other, but they are sweethearts and they both care so much. 

As I tweeted during the day when I was meeting them. If you would ever get the chance to meet them, an opportunity somewhere, even if it seems infeasible and unlikely, try it, go for it. It'll be worth your while.

I definitely recall that we were all nervous wrecks before meeting them, up until the point that it was actually our turn. We had some good seats in that meet and greet line, just about in front of the second row, so for at least half an hour we could just relax really, that's the word you're using? and just watch them interact with fans and get used to the idea that not that much later it would be our turn. In the little group that I was with, we all filmed eachothers meet and greets and I'm so happy that we did, it still seems very surreal that I have met them. When I look at our photo, I think it's not me and it's not them, but it is and that is amazing. I first put my gifts on the table to spare some time on them and I went in, Link went in for a handshake but I asked for hugs, then after stumbling over my words, we first took a photo. Then I proceeded to tell them that I am from Belgium and that I had brought them Belgian chocolate and goodies for them to enjoy. They looked really excited and ready to dig in if they had that possibility. Then I told them something else, more personal. I started tearing up, they both started comforting me which was the last thing I expected. I thanked them for doing what they do and also for coming to Europe since it is such an opportunity for me to meet them. I had no idea if I would ever get that opportunity so I especially wanted to thank them for that. Just like that, the meet & greet was over. Thankfully we still got to see them on stage for quite some time after that. They were amazing. The Dynamic Duos panel, the Q&A, the Dutch food taste test. Absolutely incredible. 

I may still write another blog post on things said during the Q&A or on the taste test.

But for now:

Much love! Be kind, DFTBA & Be Your Mythical Best ♥

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