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Hi! I've been a Rhett And Link fan for 4-5 years now, but I just created a kommunity account. My favourite thing has always been Good Mythical Morning (not to say I don't enjoy their other content), and I've seen that lots of fans dont enjoy the new style of GMM. All i really want to say is that it really isn't that different, and in my opinion, better. Yes, the set has changed a bit (new table and lighting is all I can see that is different,) and a different way of filming. But we (as a community) need to look at the big, huge, pro of this, we get a full 40 minute (50 including GMMore) morning show with our two favourite internetainers. Also, say you don't like one section of the show, you dont HAVE to watch it. This is obviously a big change, but whats so bad about it? I for one, prefer the new look and setup.

   - Billy

(PS. let me know what you think, or if I've missed something)

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