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My "Rhett & Link's Buddy System" (Season 1) Review! (May contain spoilers)

Nov 13 2016

I've been watching "Rhett & Link's Buddy System" and I really love it! I've decided to post my own review here on my blog. (This is just one opinion.) I've already seen the first 5 episodes, so I'll put those down now and come back and edit in & add the next episodes reviews as I watch them or when I get the chance. This is like a play-by-play of my thoughts, including some after-thoughts, as the episode plays, so you can watch the episode and read along if it helps. May contain spoilers if you haven't seen the episodes yet. If anything's confusing, please let me know and I'll do my best to explain my thought at that time. Thank you, Rhett and Link, for creating a very funny, entertaining, and unique series! 

(typed on Pages, copied & pasted) 

My favorite things in Buddy System! (as I watch & after several rewatches)

Ep 1

  1. The opening (the hype & excitement as I watch every second!). Love the GMM episode references! 
  2. The background music in scenes, very effective and applied well 
  3. Link grabbing his own glasses from the box
  4. Seeing the crew members! 
  5. Whether intentional or not, mini studio tour! (thank you!) 
  6. Link’s improv moment of “sometimes when I freshen my mocha, I live a little!” 
  7. The title card! Super cool art & music! I thought of Charlie Chaplin. 
  8. Link’s climbing skills! 
  9. Are you both wearing Levi jeans? 
  10. Unison dialogue
  11. The dialogue timing between Rhett & Link is smooth and perfect
  12. The transition from scene to song is very smooth and exciting!
  13. I really admire the unique, creative aspects of So Dang Dark. It’s very differerent than what you usually do and I love that!
  14. Clever writing. Many were reminded of Thoughtful Guy, I can see that, but SDD stands on its own
  15. The soundtrack is amazing. I’m addicted to it blasting in my car. 
  16. I’m left wanting more song. That’s a good thing. 
  17. “Bath salts!” haha! & those silly noises! 
  18. Thanks for providing captions with the videos. They’re very helpful in some instances
  19. Page’s electricity lesson, haha!
  20. The dynamic between you guys and Page is wonderful & very entertaining
  21. Shout-out to Crabtree Mall in Raleigh! 
  22. The Trent-gynocologist joke is so weird, it’s been an interesting discussion amongst the mythical beasts. 
  23. Page’s timing saying he does magic
  24. I love the instrumental versions of the songs! The music producers did a great job! 

Ep 2 (my favorite episode) 

  1. I got YouTube Red the night of your live stream & watched Ep 2 for the first time with you guys talking about it! Thanks for doing that! 
  2. Page’s narration at the beginning. I love that. Gives me an Arrested Development vibe and I loved that show!
  3. Your office! I love seeing it.
  4. Leslie is GREAT! 
  5. “Listen here, little britches.” HAHA! 
  6. Rhett’s “Jungle Book” mini-song. I laugh EVERY TIME I see that. It’s hilarious! 
  7. I love the dialogue play & timing between R&L in this episode. 
  8. Marsonius. The scene is so odd. I love that it’s not really explained or what that light thing is! 
  9. *Added in Nov 29: I watched a Kast last night where Link talked about the breadbasket area. I wonder if that's something that Link has always called that area and it's now a running joke in life. That's funny!
  10. I also noticed the lighting making it look like both of you were missing a tooth. I didn’t like that either, like Link said in the live stream. 
  11. The dramatic music
  12. The dressing room scene! I love the writing there!
  13. The white board in the background with all the writing on it. That’s pretty cool! 
  14. *I always think about Link's line, "...and I made my way to my locker for my second deodorant application of the day", when I actually apply a second application of deodorant in my day. :) 
  15. I remember seeing the Snapchats for the "secret passage." I'm so happy to see this come to life & find out where it goes! 
  16. I love the Exercise Bike song & video! It’s so much fun & unique! 
  17. You guys’ hair looks great down like that! The dancing, whistling, the sports jokes, Link as a scientist, the expressions, perfect. 
  18. I love the way this song was written. It’s so good! (*and catchy and fun to sing along!) Video production: 10/10! 
  19. Maroon/burgundy colorblind joke.
  20. Bike scrapbook joke. I’d love to see a ‘DVD bonus feature’-similar thing showing that later. 
  21. That inspector gadget arm is hilarious! I honestly didn’t know that’s what it was even though I used to watch that show when I was younger. But now, it’s even more funny when I see it. 
  22. Overall, Ep 2 is my favorite because of all these reasons above and the episode felt like it flowed really smoothly. 
  23. I really wish the comments weren’t disabled on the videos so we can leave comments like this on them and give you proper feedback. 
  24. VERY thankful you guys did the live stream so we could hear your process, experience, and insight in the episodes! It helps me appreciate the show and your work so much more!

Ep 3

  1. I wonder if this is like real things you talk about in a car or similar situations…
  2. Rhett pooping in the owner’s car, haha.
  3. George is great to watch and very funny!
  4. All the social media names, haha! 
  5. Wow, the PROM! That whole section is amazing! I was speechless watching. Props to wardrobe, set design, and makeup!
  6. Exaggerated southern accents! (normal where I live in the south, of course, but you guys sounded great!) 
  7. I legit screamed at home when I saw Rhett for the first time like that. (don’t worry, good excited scream!) Rhett, that is commitment to your craft right there. Props to you! 
  8. You guys can’t look bad no matter how you’re dressed or what you do with your hairstyles, but I really am glad you guys look the way you do now. 
  9. The whole dialogue in the prom scene is awesome. I got caught up in it & felt it when Rhett was angry. 
  10. That sounded like Eddie off camera! The other guy sounded familar too, but I can’t place him.
  11. “my home skillet, my DAWG!” LOL! 
  12. Maroon/burgundy colorblind joke returns, haha
  13. “That was wack!” “Linky-poo out!” haha! 
  14. Page “Actually, I do NOT know what to do because we didn’t discuss this beforehand…” LOL I love that! 
  15. Totally reminded me of a time I got really mad at my best friend in middle school and was so mad, I cursed at her and got in trouble. 
  16. *Dec 1: "Johnny JaScruzzi." A play on words? Jacuzzi? ;)
  17. *I thought of "The Buffet Song." 
  18. The way Aimee says “potatoes.” I honestly got more excited to see how evil she could be. She reminds me of Cruella De Vil! Her evil laugh is great!
  19. Both versions of the BFF video is awesome. Especially the 90s boy band throwbacks. That was so me and best friend back in the day, I instantly got those vibes!

Ep 4 

  1. I legitimately almost got confused if Buddy System was real and actually happening while watching actual GMM that week! :)
  2. I called the BrellLyfe number and was so happy it was a real message! Later, a friend of mine found the website & YouTube channel! That’s so funny! Love it! 
  3. Link: “By the way, I love that analogy” Me too! 
  4. The “Safe distance” visual is really cool! 
  5. Link pretending to tie his skates
  6. “Fresh blades, homeslice.” 
  7. Tobias Jelinek & Molly Shannon on the same screen as Rhett and Link. That’s amazing! 
  8. I honestly didn’t like the cursing in the episode, I know Rhett said what he said in the previous one, but I got that context. 
  9. That was pretty awesome that the YouTubers got involved in the show! Made it feel more real and more fun! They did a good job! I watch Philip DeFranco and some of Hank & seeing him was more surreal for me. 
  10. I love the character of Dylan! 
  11. Solo singing lead-in to the video! Cool!
  12. I love the song, Roller Unity! It’s very fun to sing in the car and I’m so impressed with you guys’ singing ability in it! 
  13. The music video is so fun! I love your expressions! 
  14. Link throwing the tube at the ice skaters is so funny! I laugh every time at that, too! 
  15. Very clever to switch the clothes around 
  16. Did Rhett almost fall? Op!
  17. The Trent-gynocologist joke returns. 
  18. The expression after “we could eat pancakes” XD 
  19. Still loving the instrumental versions!
  20. I felt like that was an improv’d scene. I love it! 
  21. These episodes go by really fast! 
  22. I’ve gotten in the habit of watching each newest episode at least 2 or 3 times the same day they’re released to take it all in and then again sometime over the weekend before the new one so I keep it refreshed in my mind! 

Ep 5 

  1. Dylan. :)
  2. “You sure that’s not a vampire?” and that look! haha! 
  3. “I am not on a superfood diet.” - Page
  4. Is that Stranger Things music in the background? lol. Probably not, but I really like it. *I recommended to friends that they listen to the episodes with headphones so they can hear everything. 
  5. I love focusing on other actors from time to time. 
  6. I love Maxwell’s character so much. 
  7. Jenna Bryant is so good in this episode! 
  8. Amazing to see Chris Parnell in this, too. It’s so crazy awesome that you worked with so many great people!
  9. The vampire/not vampire dialogue by Chris Parnell. lol 
  10. LOVE the video for Power Nap! (I don’t like a few lines, but it’s catchy and funny.) I know the album by heart by now, so I was very excited to see this one. 
  11. Nice Star Wars reference in the song! :) 
  12. I love the bed cars & expressions! I slowed down the video by frame so I didn’t miss anything. 
  13. Seriously, a power nap has really saved me in the last couple of months sometimes! Your motto is the truth! 
  14. I think all the music is produced very well. As a former music student, I have that music ear so the intricate layers in the mix, the driving rhythms, harmonies and melodies really speak to me. 
  15. Lewis & Clark reference. Nice!
  16. “Let’s talk about that.” 
  17. Ooo, a secret!! 
  18. “I got a hard out at 1am.” I remember in a GMM & other content, Link mentioned that phrase was like some of the things he used to say when he worked as an engineer. Nice callback to that! 
  19. I think this one is my 2nd favorite episode so far. So many funny lines and great performances by the actors! I also like that I’m having to do a bit of research to know who some of the actors are, like Adam Gregor and Ivan Allen. Very cool. 
  20. I love how each episode brings something new to the table and we, the viewer, are always caught off guard by something/surprised. I love that we can’t predict this show and where it’s going. I’m very happy you guys have made this and asked for our feedback because it’s obvious you really care about it. That’s awesome. You guys are working with some incredible people. Keep feeding that creative bug! 

Ep 6 (Nov 16) (2nd favorite episode) 

  1. That outdoor location is beautiful and I thought it was perfect for your scenes! 
  2. GMM episode callback to selling body parts on the Black Market! I love that episode! (I started watching in Season 8, and I remember that week was when I started watching every day!)
  3. Of course an insanely detailed hypothetical situation. I like that. 
  4. “Tough Decisions”, not my favorite song on the soundtrack, but I was curious how it was going to be shown in video. You guys dressed as teachers reminded me of the SETI song & other old videos where you dressed like that (very nice, btw). The overhead projector reminds me of ASAP science and the videos you guys have made as a nod to them, as well as back in school when our classes would use projectors and old televisions. Nice!
  5. I’m not sure if I can tell but if there’s a certain filter on the screen for Tough Decisions, I really like it.
  6. “Peder.” What an oddball. I like him! Link, you play him so well! Props again to costume/wardrobe & makeup. I would love to know how the dorts were made!
  7. Is that a Sprite can? lol *Dec 4: CORRECTION! @AceM0NKY on Twitter pointed out it's the "Gorillergy" can from the "My Exercise Bike" video! 
  8. Not really suprised Link drank from Clarity Springs. :) 
  9. Fetty Wap reference. lol. I remember when Link mentioned “Trap Queen” in a GMMom skit on GMM last year. 
  10. Peder crying! Hilarious! XD 
  12. Rhett’s bike is funny! “player”, “shorty." Rhett, you've always had a great "old man" impersonation voice. 
  13. I'm guessing the bike was on a pully or something when filmed outside, or it was partially filmed inside and you guys created shots of Link riding the bike and set those shots into the outside footage. Ah, the magic of film! 
  14. Rhett’s creepy turn around!
  15. Oh, poor real Link curled on the ground, having the hallucination! 
  16. “Because in your imagination, necks and chests get cold, but arms don’t!” GMM discussion reference. I remember that! 
  17. CRISPEE TOWNE reference! YAY! “Every lemon wedge personally kissed by the Fry Daddies!” I love every mention of Crispee Towne. I’ll never forget it! (Please one day, make that a real thing!) 
  18. A white gourd! Lol
  19. “Exercise Bike” lyrics reference. “Speed Seven.” “Sev-“ “-ven! What is wrong with you?” lol
  20. “Buzzfeed would win.” NICE. 
  21. More GMM episode references. 
  22. Rhett talking about what GMM is really about. Awww. That was a nice moment. :) We really do enjoy watching your videos, not just GMM. You guys just have so much fun, it’s contagious and it keeps many of us smiling each day. We are so thankful and we are so happy you enjoy your art. 
  23. That was such a good episode! I feel really happy. 
  24. I’m guessing “If I Had Another Me” will be the next song, and I already love it on the album. You guys said learning all the parts was like learning another language. Music is definitely a language on its own. I love listening to the song in the car and figuring out all the harmonies. You both have an incredible range and I’m glad you tried something challenging! Looking forward to next week! 
  25. I watched this episode again Friday to sink it all in again and have determined that it's my 2nd favorite episode so far. I thought the dialogue/writing was perfect in this episode!

Ep 7 (Nov 23) 

  1. I really like that “previously..” intro music. 
  2. I’m still not over the vests and scarfs. I kinda maybe might want a vest for Christmas? lol
  3. The clones! Link clone lip reading Rhett's lines. Also, I didn't notice it the first time, but the second time I watched, I noticed the Youtube playback bar at the bottom of the screen indicating that they were making a video.
  4. Haha, the clones taking over the office. Callback to many GMMs where they discussed clones and the “BFF” Sketchtober sketch. 
  5. That background music of the clones in the office is fun!
  6. A tuner! Here we go! 
  7. Ew. Uh, that particular scene was really gross to me. I didn’t care much for that. 
  8. Well, that got dark FAST! Wow. I don’t want to mess with you guys! lol *Note to self: Do not make Rhett & Link clones. :) 
  9. I love "If I Had Another Me" for the harmonies and singing talent you guys have. Link's lower harmony is just under the lowest part of my range. *Also, this song really makes me want to write up a musical analysis of it. That's how much I love it! 
  10. The assistant (Jenna) is still good at staring. :) 
  11. How does Page know about the hallucination barrier? 
  12. Over-exaggerated invented background stories! I love it! 
  13. The hair drying covering up the secret. Nice. Really though, you can’t hear anything with those things going! and why did they tell George their secret?! So many questions in this episode! 
  14. Rhett never misses an opportunity to thrust! lol. His exaggerated accent is too perfect! 
  15. Leslie is SO good as Aimee! She gets angry so well! It’s fun to watch her!
  16. Why did Link have to tell Aimee what they were doing and tell her that he and Rhett were disguised?! Come on, now! 
  17. Aha! The actual song in the end credits. I was wondering how this was going to be done. 
  18. Overall, pretty good episode. Not too crazy about it. It was definitely different from the others, definitely had awkward, cringy and odd informercials, which were done well. I just didn’t laugh as much as some of the other episodes. 
  19. We can finally watch all the music videos of the soundtrack in order!! Yay! (And I did that Thanksgiving morning!) The only thing I really wanted to see was the rap part in the BFF song in its music video.
  20. *Added Nov 30: At first few times watching, I didn’t notice this at first, but after watching the last episode and going back, is Pigeon Blood’s backstory a play on Link’s story about his broken pelvis? If so, that’s pretty cool that you integrated it into the show! And is that why Link can still move around so well? That extra 13-17 degree increased range of motion? lol

Ep 8 (I’ve replayed it a few times to catch everything) (Nov 30)

  1. Wow, the last episode. I’m not ready!
  2. The warehouse! (like in all the social media photos we saw this summer!) I’m excited!
  3. How did they get dressed in their suits against their will? 
  4. Whoa. That “Mirror Punch Bowl” actually looks really awesome! 
  5. Live infomercials! lol 
  6. I enjoyed Leslie’s expressions while looking at Page.
  7. Link’s expression when the top hat was set on his head. Link, you did such a great job acting mind-controlled. 
  8. “Rhettie-poo”, “Don’t call the naughty boy, Rhettie-poo.” Those lines are absolutely hilarious! 
  9. Rhett’s mixture of excitement for Aimee’s products plus his jealousy and trying to prevent his death is genius.
  10. I really enjoyed the pacing and dialogue when Aimee pulled out the Tote Stab, during the lines “This is the purse for the discriminating lady….” It was smooth and delicate, but also threatening! 
  11. I felt so nervous for Rhett in this situation!
  12. I noticed all the "presenting" moves the magician's assistant made when doing things. "Lassie" similarity. 
  13. George. On a forklift. Yeah, that’ll get ‘em. 
  14. “Hun-Bun.” “My business is killing party pooping naughty boys.” LOL! 
  15. How is Page sleeping through all this? 
  16. Rollersladers. That’s actually pretty good! 
  17. PEDER!!! YAY!!! So happy for him!! I laughed so much there! 
  18. Oh no, not the emotions during the montage! Now I know how to save my best friend. :) 
  19. “Telescope” 
  20. Rhett shushing. 
  21. The background music here is excellent! 
  22. The magician’s assistant saves the day! :) ************************** (applause) 
  23. I noticed when untying Rhett, Link says "Sorry, Linky-poo almost killed you." in the show, but the captions say, "Sorry, Link, if I almost killed you." 
  24. THE RAP PART! YAY! I was wondering if we were going to see that part in the show or a music video! I like that verse! 
  25. I guess I’ve seen so many shows, I was waiting to see if Aimee would wake back up and there would be some terrible twist ending! Glad there wasn’t!
  26. The famous prom pose! 
  27. THE ENDING WAS VERY SURPRISING!!! (when you got back to the GMM desk). And you started the show intro like it was normal. Oh man, hearing that GMM music felt like home. I love how that was done! And how leaving the GMM episode trying to tell that whole story is left up to the imagination! For now...? :) 
  28. So, all of that happened over the course of a weekend? WOW! That’s one big adventure! I like how the ending made me go back and watch the beginning of “Tucked Up”! 
  29. I went back and tried to figure out the timeline of when everything happened. The only thing I can’t figure is the timeline for Sunday if you went back to GMM on Monday. In Ep 7, the clock in Page’s security guard office says that’s it’s almost 8. I’m assuming that you went out really early to “soul search” and when you dismember the clones, it’s getting dark, so it’s 8pm. But, Rhett’s phone says “3:47 pm” when he texts that the plan has been comprised and the clock in Page’s office says it’s 9:45, but it’s light out. In Ep 8, you start out in Aimee’s warehouse and it’s light out. UNLESS... you film GMM out of order throughout the week and you were actually in the warehouse on Monday afternoon because you were knocked out, dressed, and were taken to the warehouse while wearing blindfolds on Sunday night. :) 

Wow, guys. Even though I typed this review, it's still pretty difficult to adequately express how awesome Buddy System is. It's like a good book or movie. I can tell that everything was written with thought and care. You guys obviously care about it so much since you kept asking us what we thought, and you were excited every time you mentioned the show in an interview and on GMM. 

I thought the writing was very clever and so creative. The production value, A+, from my perspective. I have two music degrees, so of course, I loved EVERYTHING about the music: background music in the scenes and the soundtrack itself. (I thanked the music production teamed you worked with through Twitter last week.) I think my favorite songs on the album, by themselves but also as music videos, are "So Dang Dark", "My Exercise Bike", and "Roller Unity." "Power Nap" follows closely, visually. 

The cast was amazing, and it was fantastic to see so many big names working with you! I want to express thanks to all those names in the credits for helping you guys make Buddy System. The story was constantly surprising. I never knew what to expect. The visuals were very creative and supportive of the story or song. I really love behind the scenes stuff, so I'm so happy you guys shared that! 

You guys have our support to keep feeding your creative bugs, from small screen to large. You're constantly surprising us with your talents. I feel like "thank you" isn't a strong enough phrase, but I am so thankful and grateful for everything you guys have made for internetainment. What a ride! 

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Comment by Emma (The Mythical Cat) on June 6, 2017 at 9:58pm

I totally agree with everything you said. The review was spot on. I love music, and I always try to listen to every aspect of a song, just like you. I love the dialogue, and how they betray Link as being dumb, its all (almost, I agree with your preferences on the cussing) perfect! 

I'm really happy that hey are making a season 2! And it's longer!


Comment by Chlorruption (Hygienic Scorpion) on December 9, 2016 at 4:15pm
If I wasn't saving up to pay a lease off up front, I'd be watching. I loved the heck outta the teaser episode. And the songs they've released are fantastic.
Comment by Elizabeth Hanson on November 30, 2016 at 11:58pm

Hey Yoga Ghost,  Loved your review.  I would have to agree overall this was a great series put out by R&L I have watched it over and over.  LOVE, LOVE the music!!!  Great work!!!


Comment by Oompa Loompa (Phaedra) on November 30, 2016 at 1:15pm

On to ep 8


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