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Today I joined the community page. I wanted to write this down somewhere and thought this would be the best place to do it. It is an idea for an episode, like so many have before. Sadly it may take too long to film, for the team, but I know that I would enjoy watching it. It would be formatted similar to that of the dance, yoga and figure skating game.

Rhett and Link would again be teamed up with Tess and Josh in the kitchen.

The guys would be given a list of ingredients available to them, two of which are NOT in the final dish. Stevie would call out an international dish e.g. "Spotted Dick" and each round would consists of different levels of difficulty,

Round One! Stevie explains the method, name and presentation of the meal.

Round Two! Stevie gives the name and presentation of the meal.

Round Three! Stevie gives them the name only.

Each round Rhett and Link direct Tess and Josh to make the dishes (Actions can be time lapse).

This is only the short hand basic bones of the idea, and if by some mythical act it makes its way to the desk of Mythical Entertainment, they have full rights and permissions, exclusively, to take all or part of this idea and use it at their full discretion. No contact required with author.

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