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If cars had feelings--

Well first off, who's to say they don't?

Who says that they can't feel bad or that they can't gloat?

Who says it doesn't hurt for a car to drive on a hot dusty road?

Or if a person scratches the chrome?

Who says cars don't have self esteem?

Who says that it doesn't hurt their feelings when you say something mean?

Like, "What a clunker," or "What a junker,"

Who says it doesn't hurt their feelings?

Who says cars can't hear us talking?

Who says they can't see people walking

And grumble that they're not using their cars enough

Who says that cars are tough?

For all you know cars have feelings

And they can hurt and cry and even be mean

In fact, for all you know

A car could have a piece of your soul

A secret, a conversation it's listened in on

When you thought no one was listening

But you were wrong

So go up to your car today

And tell them, "I love you, car, in every single way."


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Comment by Irish Peanut Poop Pot (Amanda) on October 1, 2011 at 8:08pm
this reminds me of shel silverstien or whatever his name is

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