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Fails and Success! (Piano cover coming soon!)

Hello fellow mythical beasts! It's been awhile since I've been on here! I had said that I was working on a Rub Some Bacon On It cover and a My OCD Cover. Sadly, I wasn't able to do either. I've been busy lately with other piano covers and just living life. HOWEVER!!!!! I won't leave you empty handed!! I may have not been able to get the other covers done, but I did get a different Rhett and Link song covered and I'm not sure if it's been made before! Coming SUPER SOON I'll be posting on the R&LKommunity  Rhett and Link's Buddy System Season 1 song "My Exercise Bike"! I have it all filmed and edited with just a bit of touching up to do. the only question is, WHEN DO YOU WANT TO SEE IT? Would you rather see it this coming weekend or wait until next week? If nobody replies to this post that's completely fine :) I'll probably just post it next week. Just wanted to let any of you who read this know that there's a cover coming your way!

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