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Everybody has a dream. Whether they choose to chase that dream or settle with something else is totally up to them. Probably about 95% of American's just settle because they are afraid of failure. Why are people so afraid of failure? I am afraid of it but I accept that it will be a part of my life. Especially because I want to be an actor/comedian and that comes with a lot of struggles. A lot of financial issues, networking, very little sleep, and even working for free until I have enough "experience" to make the money. I would rather live out of my car and just be making enough to pay for a P.O. Box and pay my cell phone bill/new headshots every year and all of that jazz. I have learned that it doesn't come easy. I knew it wouldn't but sometimes I just wish that it wouldn't take so long. I asked myself 2 questions. Do I have enough to afford to follow my dreams? (of course not. That's why I work 3 jobs). I also asked, Can I afford to NOT follow my dreams? The second one really hit home. Then I got a chance to work with a close friend - Jim Clements - who is a film maker. We have been making a few videos on YouTube and hope one day that will be our job. I know that even though I am doing this - I really want to move out to Los Angeles, CA and see what I can really do. But I'm hoping that we can get enough viewers to be able to afford moving out to LA just for a few months until I can find a job out there. It's all a struggle. This business is a "hurry up and wait" business. A lot of networking and disappointments. I hope everyone follows their dreams and true passions. No matter how stupid it may be. One day it all of the hard work will be rewarded - and that's what I keep telling myself. You have to motivate yourself - especially when not many people stand behind you. Don't ever quit.

Andrew Carlson

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