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Hey all.

I originally planned on recording some videos to make up for lost time. However, in a live performance incident, I broke a string on my electric right in the middle of a solo. (Luckily, a backup guitar was handy.) So uploads may be delayed a little bit, but who knows? I may break out the acoustic and record some acoustic covers, or an original song.

On another note, the past few weeks after joining the Rhett and Link community have been great. You guys are a great encouragement to my musical "quest" and I'd like to thank you for that. A really surprising experience of joining the Kommunity was that exactly one day (if I recall correctly) after I joined, I was the featured member of the week. Thanks again for the shoutout.

One more word I'd like to add.
I've been slowly writing material for a couple original songs, and I figured I'd ask about song titles. Sorry, this doesn't mean you get to give me names, but what do you think of the titles "Peace Rings & Trigger Fingers" and "Sadly We've Lost our Minds"?

So, I'll close on the summarized note of thanks, and that I should have some more songs for you guys to listen to in the near future.

God bless,

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Comment by Aly And Cate (Two headed AlyCat) on September 29, 2009 at 3:34pm
Firstly: You're welcome :)

on to the second half: I absolutely love those song titles!
And I cannot wiat to hear the songs behind them :)
I think it would be cool to bring out the acoustic!
God bless you Aaron :)

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