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As you are reading this entry, you have obviously found me. Congratulations, or should I say I'm sorry? Let's not dispute that for now.

This profile was born in an act of boredom and desperation; I needed something to do at 1.36 am. I am however a fan of Rhett and Link (obviously, how would I know about this community if I weren't?) so I'm not entirely out of place. But I did realize I should probably leave some kind of warning to anyone who passes/anyone who bothers to read this.

Because the fact is, I am a weirdo. I may look all sweet and perfectly normal, but don't be fooled. A few minutes ago I had a brief conspiracy theory of my computer wanting to see me dead, and because of that, knowingly started updating itself while I was in the middle of something - only to drive me into jumping off the balcony. It did not succeed. 

Please don't think I am dumb, I'm no such thing. I'd like to think myself slightly above average intelligence, but as I have no proof of that, I try to be humble. I'm also quite funny, if I may say so myself. Of course that depends on what sort of humor you have. I think this entry is rather hilarious, but some people might find it... well, weird. 

I can be awfully nice, and also awfully unpleasant (this mostly occurs during hormonal irregularities, otherwhise known as the good-for-nothing crap-fest PMS). If you show me kindness I will however do my best to behave nicely. 

At last, I'd like to welcome you into my looking glass! 

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