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I'm writing reviews of Season 1 of Buddy System!

Hey, I'm new around here, but I thought I might as well join and hang around for a bit. But the reason I'm here is because, in preparation for Season 2 of Buddy System, I've been reviewing the first season on my personal website, just 'cuz it's a fun little hobby of mine.

I'll be discussing the rest of the episodes over the course of the next week, but for now, here's the first few. Feel free to discuss; I love talking to people about this sort of stuff and hearing what other people…


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Frustrated with Cleeng. What else is new?

Guys, I'm losing my marbles. I collapsed on the floor halfway through seeing the tour of mythicality live, and so i bought access to the livestream. The livestream itself was of pretty terrible quality for the first half, and i have screencaps to prove it. The video was constantly glitching and the sound cut out entirely every few seconds. When it was announced that a VOD replay would be available, i thought for sure i would FINALLY be able to see the show the whole way through, but cleeng…


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Up to this point

Hi all,

Just wondering if any of you have an idea where I can get Rhett and links CD "Up To This Point".

I had it and lost it.  

Please let me know thank you.

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I am glad I joined

Finally I have joined. This will be fun.

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whale helloooooooo there!!!!!

I just want to thank all of you for creating this amazing website! Seriously the entire style that it has is totally amazing! It seriously threw me back to my childhood. So thank you so much for making me laugh and smile. I have recently been watching Rhett and Link in October. I just subscribed to them. I know I know I am extremely late on the boat, but hey if it weren't for them I would have never known that this place existed! I am a Mermaid. I have…


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My "Rhett & Link's Tour Of Mythicality" Experience


My experience at Rhett & Link's Tour of Mythicality in Austin, Texas! I also mention Rhett and Link in general and how they've affected my life. I talk SO MUCH WOW. I know that this video is all over the place haha. It's my first actual video, so that's my excuse. I know I forgot to mention a few things so if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask them in…


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Sweet and simple, kay? I received an intriguing email from Stella Kwale, and I'm not dumb, I looked her up to be safe and yep, a pretty well-known scammer apparently. I basically wanna know if she has been kicked off the site, cause she really should be.

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Strange and wonderful things are afoot at the TOUR OF MYTHICALITY

Tonight the Tour of Mythicality made it's way to Dallas, TX.

My fellow K-Mods, who must wait for their town to have its turn, asked that I share some pics and videos. Without giving away all the secrets, of course.

It was a good…


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Song Lyrics

If you have any lyrics to R&L songs, Comment them on here, along with a title to the song (obviously)

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Farming in rural northwestern Wisconsin

Just got done with feed the cows and fixing machinery for the night.

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Mythical Beast friends!

I'm attempting to make local friends just on the basis of our shared love of Rhett & Link! I'm Rhett & Link's age, and I'm sure there aren't too many other grown-up women who have time to log on to the community much... but if any of you are reading this and are in or around the Philadelphia, PA area and want to try to make a new friend, I'm here. :-)

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Happy birthday Rhett

from me and all the Mythical beasts out there happy birthday  

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Do you love Rhett??? Participate in Rhett's Birthday Book


Sample pages from the book:



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Happy Birthday Rhett

Follow the link below to witness the results and revel in the Top 40 Rhett Moments as selected…


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Another random R&L story...

I have been having pretty bad anxiety attacks lately. I'm not quite sure where they stemmed from, other than I am a huge introvert and tend to keep to myself. It's been a struggle as it might be for other ppl in these kinds of situations. But anyway...who cares about all that.

Rhett and Link have been people I've looked up to for years. They are the kind of people that are magnetic, even though most of us Beasts have never met them before. I have written before about this, but I feel…


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Ugh... MATH

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Rate me in the comments!

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Participate in Rhett's Birthday Website

Thank you for participating in Rhett's birthday project. Check HappyMythicalBirthday.com on October 11, 2017, to see the finished gifts.

The Kommunity will be gifting Rhett a BOOK and a WEBSITE for his 40th birthday (Oct 11).

This discussion is for the…


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The Kommunity

I came into this "Kommunity" thinking it was a site that was supportive of everyone (every human) despite how they live their personal lives. I regret to say that I was wrong. This is a community which is run by someone who does not know how to uphold what they have professionally and fairly. Granted, if you have seen me in chat I cuss and get easily pissed off by spammers and those who do not even make an effort when it comes to spelling, but to allow one member to constantly belittle…


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