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Another random R&L story...

I have been having pretty bad anxiety attacks lately. I'm not quite sure where they stemmed from, other than I am a huge introvert and tend to keep to myself. It's been a struggle as it might be for other ppl in these kinds of situations. But anyway...who cares about all that.

Rhett and Link have been people I've looked up to for years. They are the kind of people that are magnetic, even though most of us Beasts have never met them before. I have written before about this, but I feel…


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Ugh... MATH

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Rate me in the comments!

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Participate in Rhett's Birthday Website

Thank you for participating in Rhett's birthday project. Check HappyMythicalBirthday.com on October 11, 2017, to see the finished gifts.

The Kommunity will be gifting Rhett a BOOK and a WEBSITE for his 40th birthday (Oct 11).

This discussion is for the…


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The Kommunity

I came into this "Kommunity" thinking it was a site that was supportive of everyone (every human) despite how they live their personal lives. I regret to say that I was wrong. This is a community which is run by someone who does not know how to uphold what they have professionally and fairly. Granted, if you have seen me in chat I cuss and get easily pissed off by spammers and those who do not even make an effort when it comes to spelling, but to allow one member to constantly belittle…


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Yes, I'm interested!


I'm a big fan of GMM. I'm hoping the Lincoln Mythicon is going to happen, I can't really find anything about it. What are the plans? Is there any thing I need to know before I just show up? Is there anything I need to bring?

 Karen Pfeiffer

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Art Commissions

Hello! I'm Bronx

I do art commissions and would  like a blog post dedicated to it in case anyone is interested. 


Here is some commission information…


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Fails and Success! (Piano cover coming soon!)

Hello fellow mythical beasts! It's been awhile since I've been on here! I had said that I was working on a Rub Some Bacon On It cover and a My OCD Cover. Sadly, I wasn't able to do either. I've been busy lately with other piano covers and just living life. HOWEVER!!!!! I won't leave you empty handed!! I may have not been able to get the other covers done, but I did get a different Rhett and Link song covered and I'm not sure if it's been made before! Coming SUPER SOON I'll be posting on the…


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Meeting Rhett and Link!

        Hi! To start off, I have never met Rhett and Link, (Though it's a dream of mine), but I think this can be a place where people tell their stories of meeting them. That way, others who might meet them know what to expect! :)


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Happy Anniversary, R&L!

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the Rhett And Link channel!

I've been a fan for two years, and I've loved every minute of it. Rhett and Link are a big part of my life, and I can't imagine not being a Mythical Beast.

I became a MB when one of my best friends-Cat-showed me (and my sister) the "Belly Button Song".  I remember the occasion very clearly. Cat was at my house and grabbed the laptop from the table. She searched up "belly button song" on Google. After watching the…


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I am a grateful mythical beast

Inspired by my friend Priscilla, I wanted to write a little bit about how I found Rhett and Link and how they saved me

On March 24, 2016, I was driving to comic con with friends. I was sitting in the back seat and my nephew was listening to a YouTube show on his iPad in the front seat. I started listening and immediately was drawn into the hilarious conversation these two guys were having. They were talking about types of friends to have. “This is Rhett and Link,” Ryle…


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A walk down the mythical memory lane of R&L

7 years ago, Rhett and Link uploaded the “Epic Rap Battle!” video to Youtube.

So in honor of that video, I decided to show you some pictures that I took in North Carolina recently.


Me and Heather (YogaGhost) met at my hotel and made our way to our first stop.

Fuquay Varina.

I was glad that Heather was with me, because not only did she…


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Rhett & Link Quotes, GMM 1052-Current

(July 2 2017)

GMM 1-186GMM 187-369GMM 370-521, …


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Rhett and Link save my day again!

I just came back from being in a hospital for 4 hours. I woke up at 3 in the morning and my face was totally numb. I freaked out and had a legitimate panic attack. When it comes to me getting sick, I usually embellish the circumstances a little bit. I stumbled out of bed and tried to slow down my rapid breathing from freaking out. Before leaving home, I put on my Rhett and Link t-shirt. For some reason, when I wear that shirt it makes me feel positive because I think about all the amazing…


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Mythicon in Nebraska? Let's Discuss.

Hey all!

I was thinking of hosting a Mythicon in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Mainly, I was wondering... if anyone in Nebraska would be interested in going if it was to happen. If anyone else would like to host for Nebraska, would love to know the details. I had mainly been thinking of Antelope Park, but if there are any suggestions for where it should be would be helpful.…


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UPDATE on R&L Piano Covers

UPDATE! The R&L covers are coming along nicely. However, the rub some bacon on it cover will probably be a shorter version because there aren't exactly too many parts with a melody or anything in them. Just a beat in the background which would get repetitive after awhile. My OCD is also going well, I just have to get some parts smoothed out. I have been a bit busy, and I also tend to play piano and work on the R&L pieces, but then get distracted by playing like 20 other piano pieces. I… Continue

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Dear Fellow Beasts,

After having not participated in the Kommunity since last August, I finally decided to participate again! With MythiCon coming up soon, I hope to join in that as well, though I'm not completely sure it will work. Even if it won't, I will still try to hang out here.

Anyway, in the meantime while I have been away from here, I turned fourteen and started playing the cello on September 6, 2016. I got a cello for Christmas, too! I currently take lessons with the… Continue

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Hi Everyone!

Hi everyone! While I have been following Rhett and Link for about two and a half years, I am new to the Kommunity website. I still have no idea what I'm doing, but I'm trying to learn! Haha. Anyway, I'll introduce myself quickly...

I'm a college student in Florida, who plans to pursue a degree in Communications. I have always had a passion for writing and enjoy creating my own original stories. In the future, I hope to earn a career in public relations and maybe even publish a novel…


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LEGO Rhett and Link and Good Mythical Morning!

Hey everyone!

My name is Kyle, owner of the YouTube channel Dalek Bricks! The other day I created a LEGO Rhett & Link as minifigures and the Good Mythical Morning set, so I thought I'd share them here as well.


Here are the two custom Minifigures I created- one for Rhett and one for Link. Rhett's beard is not an official LEGO part, rather I used modeling clay to get the look I was going…


Added by Dalek Bricks on May 31, 2017 at 10:30pm — 4 Comments

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