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Sorry for the lack of quality. It was taken by a iPod. To make up for the lack of quality I will post all 50 Quotes., well at least I think its 50. The next few lines will be full of quotes.
* "You just said that the square root of strawberry should be legalized"
* Facebook song
*"The moment of nekkidness should always be minimalized"
*My Favorite Pillow
*5 words
*"Back to the gazebo"!!!
*Embrace weaknesses and call them uniquinesses
*"Mr. Car Charger"
*Rub Some Bacon on it
*"I think about a hotdog while I'm eating it but then I pause cause I'm thinking about it's ingredients"
*Caption Fail!
*"search google images for masculinity feel free to Photoshop your face on that image of me"
*In the words "Rhett & Link" there is a arrow pointing to the Rhett with words by it saying "(Shabaz)
* In the words "Rhett and Link" there is a arrow pointing to the Link with words by it saying "(Chiasquatch)"
*Mythical Shoe
*Chuck Testa
*Lionel Richie
*Friend Zone
*Are you beastly enough?
*The Dam
*Commercial Kings
*Mythical Beastlyness
*Steampunk Toothfairy
*Dope Zebra
*"Why hello spiderman, I didn't know you had a horse".
*Body Beard
*"Why wouldn't you be able to mix pneumonia and bleach?"
*"Adults have feces".
*Superhero and Sidekick
*Photoshop your memories
*Good Mythical Morning
*Good Morning Chia Lincoln
*"You better watch out, you better not Proactiv®"
*Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time
*T-Shirt War
*Below the Rhett are the words "My hair goes up"
*below the Link are the words "My hair goes down"
*Looking for Ms. Locklear
*All Night Long
*Link's Mustache

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Comment by morgan on August 24, 2015 at 5:47pm

amazing! (i know im late .-.)

Comment by grace rhone on December 1, 2012 at 8:20pm

haha thats pretty awesome!

Comment by Katie (star whale) on December 1, 2012 at 8:19pm



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