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Episode 1: Nachos!
Rhett and Link find a time-travelling gazebo and find themselves in trouble when they travel five years into the past.




Episode 2: Alien Babies

Rhett and Link have a disturbing encounter in their hometown of Buies Creek in the year 3456 while also checking out the futuristic iPhone 3000.


Time Rangerers Episode 3: Gladiators VS Puppets

Rhett and Link decide to work together to go to Rome, but a surprising twist lands them facing a gladiator!


Episode 4: Moustaches!

Rhett time-travels alone, but he meets up with strange Future-Link who knows what happens to Rhett.

Episode 5: Oranges!

Rhett and Link go back in time to change the fate of a dead man, but they unwittingly change their own fate as well!

Episode 6:  Bacon!

Link runs into Rhett at the supermarket, but they soon find out what has inadvertently happened because of their last escapade!


Episode 7:  Helmets!

When Rhett and Link wear bike helmets for protection, their next adventure take a surprising turn!


Episode 8: Rain!
Link has a plan to get the gazebo back, but he is forced to carry out his plan in a different way than he expected.


Episode #9: Leonardo!

Rhett and Link make a decision to never mess with time, but Link's "trigger-finger" is never satisfied!

Episode 10: Pilgrims and Cars!

Rhett and Link visit the First Thanksgiving and try to act inconspicuous at the table.


Episode 11: Bang! 

Seeking more adventure, Rhett seals both of their fates when he tells Link that they should visit the Big Bang.

Episode 12: The Afterlife!
Rhett and Link, not necessarily dead after their last adventure, walk toward the light and find out what lies in this new dimension.




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