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Eddie, Jen, and a few more I don't remember... Time to start finding them! The "Best Cup Ever" video from GMM is a good place to look.

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Hillary also did a former stint as production assistant for https://www.youtube.com/user/tastemade/videos

apparently she is also a dream interpreter - - What Do Dreams About Being Blind Mean?

He hasn't made an "on-screen appearance" yet, but we have had Cody D'Ambrosio listed in the crew member names (reference group main page) and he has been receiving GMM credits as Managing Producer over on the This Is Mythical channel ever since the Giant Human Claw Machine upload.


Cody has several YouTube appearances and production credits on BOLDLY, the former Buzzfeed Yellow channel:

Finally, I wonder if he's the same guy as this:  Cody D'Ambrosio - IMDb

Twilight and Alvin & The Chipmunks???

Sounds like good stuff for your "Before they were mythical" thread. :)

In honor of Eddie, who may or may not be gone from the crew now (unconfirmed), here's his first on-camera appearance in the GMMore "Eating a Giant Centipede" from March 28, 2014. Link says it was also Eddie's first day when they recorded it. https://youtu.be/mpj9XVgVDtw

Eddie was most recently listed as WRITER/PRODUCER in the credits of GMM #1087 Extreme Would You Rather Challenge and its corresponding GMMore episode Would You Rather With The Crew uploaded last FRIDAY (just 5 days ago) . . . nothing on the handful of vids uploaded this week . . . after 4 1/2 years maybe he has decided that he would rather not any longer???

Neither of Eddie's personal FaceBook page ( https://www.facebook.com/edwardjohncoleman ) or Twitter ( https://twitter.com/eddiehatesstuff - - fairly inactive) have a comment or any type of status change.


spotted as a featured taster / judge on today's Mythicalicious Pizza Nachos vs Nacho Pizza | Food Flip



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