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Eddie, Jen, and a few more I don't remember... Time to start finding them! The "Best Cup Ever" video from GMM is a good place to look.

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from today's GMM & GMMore #1026:

Temporary/Honorary GMM Krewmember . . . Mr. Charles Lincoln Neal, Jr.

Say hello to Chef Charles!

Today's episode of GMM welcomed Micah to the team. Going with the episode's theme, this is certainly the "biggest" reveal for a new crew member.

Picture from the rhettandlink Twitter account

The new art director Colin Morris was briefly mentioned in the "Snack Jack Black" GMMore, but he was properly introduced and appeared in episode 42 of Good Mythical Crew.

Back in Weirdest Shoes in the world, a new name showed up in the credits and they have still yet to be introduced -

Ellie McElvain

Here she is! Ellie appears on-screen for the first time in the Good Mythical More episode "Disgusting Food-Smelling Pee" (GMM 1056): https://youtu.be/eJVYSS5k__U

She is credited as a writer/producer.

Official introduction of new crewmember SAGAR (?) from Texas today on GMMore #1091 - - - not yet finding his name in credits for either the GMM or GMM videos

His instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sawgrrr/

A Buzzfeed article about him: https://www.buzzfeed.com/niralishah/holiday-beard-decorator?utm_ter...

(credit to maddie on Twitter for sharing the Buzzfeed article) 

I see that Saagar Shaikh's name appears in the credits for GMM #1090 as Production Assistant: https://youtu.be/Q2jZv-zaG_I


Becca Canote's name reappears as Content Manager in GMM #1099: https://youtu.be/MAAEIoUADD8

I don't see any credits yet on the latest This Is Mythical videos. 



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