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Eddie, Jen, and a few more I don't remember... Time to start finding them! The "Best Cup Ever" video from GMM is a good place to look.

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I missed out on recording Davin Tjen's first appearance -- I can't 100% recall if he was formally introduced, but he has popped into the background of GMM to move things around a few times. He's credited on the Mythical.co website as Production Assistant (GMM & TIM).

Fun fact about Davin: He was a fan of Rhett and Link's content years before applying for, and getting, a job at Mythical Entertainment. He tweeted about it in September: https://twitter.com/davintjen/status/904925479815208960

Plus, he follows the Kommunity Facebook page. ;)

Well, that's what I get for posting before watching today's episodes...Davin actually appeared in today's GMMore as Link's tiny hand assistant (but it's still not the first time he's appeared): https://youtu.be/nlUw1SEdiZU

Jordan Morris - "3 Slang Words You Should Know | Urban Fictionary"

I went back and started checking episodes since the GMM format expanded, and this is his first appearance in that timeframe. If he appeared earlier, before the format evolved, feel free to correct me.

The episode descriptions no longer list crew member credits, but I found his full name via other crew members on Twitter (www.twitter.com/jordan_morris) and am making the assumption that Jordan is a writer/producer based on the fact his bio says he's a comedy writer.

Josh Scherer, Food Producer

Technically he first appeared in the GMMore for "Will It Burger?" but he wasn't a crew member at that point...more like a consultant hired for the one episode, I imagine. He was formally introduced yesterday as part of the crew in the first GMMore episode of Season 13, "Candy Meatloaf Taste Test." https://youtu.be/nfWG9gCQ6z0

Emily Fleming was introduced in GMMore today, but I'm unsure of her title at Mythical Entertainment. She's not yet listed on the crew website page or publicly connected to Mythical Entertainment on LinkedIn, and her Twitter bio doesn't provide any information related to GMM/Rhett and Link.


Matthew Carney - Writer

I feeeel like he might have appeared on a GMMore/GMM once before, but I really can't remember right now. Barring that, today's GMMore "High School Sport Matching Game" is his first appearance: https://youtu.be/e_p4E4ISzQs

His Twitter bio says he's a writer for GMM.

Greg Johnson, Content Manager (formerly Office Manager).

Appears in the Let's Talk About That episode "Habanero-Stuffed Jalapeño Challenge," in which he presented a PSA as the employee who formerly helmed the front desk of the studio. https://youtu.be/dds4CpyfSe8?t=715

His LinkedIn profile for job titles: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gjohnso2


I don't know her last name or her job position at Mythical, so chime in if you find that info.

Her first appearance is in the GMMore "Horrifying Food Poison Stories (GAME)": https://youtu.be/PdHyHKWq3YU

Bethany Brown, Executive Assistant: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethanycbrown/

Christine Medrano. Title unknown, but her personal website says she's a comedian, actress, and writer: www.christinemedrano.com.

First appears in the GMMore episode "Playing Mouthwash Charades" on November 5, 2018: https://youtu.be/5FDb-tFQhBY

Dana Cariello, E-Commerce Merchandise Coordinator https://www.linkedin.com/in/danacariello/

She appears in the LTAT episode "Worst Candy Taste Test Winners Revealed" as part of the Operations staff group: https://youtu.be/w7SQOdUvzf0?t=796

Jared Goldstein, probably a comedy writer

First appears in the GMMore episode "Mouth Opener Headlines (GAME)": https://youtu.be/Tu7vOLZmZOs


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