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I like how Link has a great personality.

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I love almost everything there is to love about Link. I love his breathtakingly beautiful eyes, I love his amazing singing voice, I love his adorable laugh, I love the slight North Carolina accent that he has, I love his great taste in clothes, I love the way he spins the Wheel of Mythicality. I just love Link in general!

I couldn't have said it better MUHSELF. Haha ;D

You took the words right off the keyboard. A agree with every single thing you said. I just wish I could tell it to his face.

You read my MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with all of this lol

He is witty, organized, and always sings the harmony (which is awesome).

Link does have incredibly beautiful eyes! Without the stubble he would look like a little boy. I love his offbeat sense of humor and his singing. I love the way he does different voices.

The little boy thing is probably the cutest thing Q.Q

This is not a safe question for me. *breathes deeply*

I love Link's hair. It looks like a boy's hair. It's so dumb, but it looks nice on him. I like the way he has no fashion sense but in the same way it kind of works for him. I like the way he fixes his giant glasses by pushing them up with one finger. I like the way he wears cardigans and dumb t-shirts that have nothing to do with matching. I like the way he smirks at the camera when he thinks he's said something funny. I like the way he's inappropriate without meaning to be and then he tries to cover it up and then Rhett's like "Whoa" and Link just goes with it. HE'S JUST SO ADORABLE IT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. He's just so clumsy sometimes and it's like, he seems kind of comfortable with who he is to the point where I get secondhand embarrassment at the things he does because he's so confident in his goofiness.


I think that's it.

Asterisks: I can't stand him with facial hair. Stubble is okay. Facial hair is a no. Vest is a no. Link, stop.

I like his talent in different instruments (not to brag but I also play the recorder and the harmonica well and next year in band i will play the trumpet). I also like everything about his personality. I don't know what i like better!

I LOVE THE WAY HE EXPLAINS STORIES!!!!!! HE'S SO GREAT AT IT!!!!!!!!! HE SAYS IT WITH THE GREATEST ENTHUSIASM I HAVE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!! Also I love his name and I LOVE that he goes by his middle name, not his first.

Link is unforgettable, what isn't there to like? Okay, okay he has his moments. No, just kidding. Okay this is real this time. :) Aside from his attention to detail, he seems like the average joe, joena? But he ain't! :D He's very rude yet soft like any boy out their but I like that about him :) Rude meaning when he cuts off Rhett while talking, which, come on he does a lot. Just like me, but not rude either. His laugh is adorable, as his squeal when he's terrified. :) He's amazing at just grabbing your attention, my attention and I really do love his eyes, they are sooo dreamy. Linkster? Pshh, coolest nickname ever! I used to call an old friend of mine linkster, so it's awesome to hear someone is using it! His sense of humor is amazing cause he can go off and people might not understand at one point, but that's totally me right there. It's almost too easy to seem so close to his persona, but amazing he is out there! You know, we can relate to him either a little or alot, but it's amazing to know he will always (and Rhett) bring a smile to your face at the end of the day/early morning in my case.


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