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So far we have a group and a blog. I know that Deanna and Emperor Ryu have left comments on both Rhett's and Link's pages. Garrett has started a Discussion and Ryu drew a picture that references the SBB. There are still a lot of measures that can be taken to get the SBB to Rhett and Link. What ideas do you have and what can you do to help?

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if one of us draws the SBB with Rhett and link out front it might be featured 

way to get rhett and link's attention: go to antarctica, build an igloo, put up a sign, and then post a video on youtube saying, "i'm _____  at the secret beast base in antarctica. good mythical morning". of course, you could just build an igloo wherever you live(if there's snow) and say your at the beast base. either one works.

send mail to rhett and link about our secret base and include the chicken hats i am making

I made the video response to the James Bond GMM using http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vIxcYW53Lg as the video I said I'd make. Sorry, I realized that I didn't have a working microphone, so the info is text with background music.

we should send them a letter including a picture a map and all of our plans for the SBB to read on thursday means mail

We could compose a letter, sign it the SBB planning committee, maybe put in a postcard or photo or something. I could type it up and put together the other stuff and send it to Rhett and Link. Hopefully it could be on GMM. If not at least it would get their attention. 

Anybody? Any thoughts at all?

Well... I guess I'll just type it up and post it here for you guys to critique.



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