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Hello, Swiss(or, any Mythical Beasts but preferrabley swiss) Mythical Beasts! If there are any... Just comment!

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Swiss MBs who have posted on the Rhett&Link Fans International group threads include:

Simon Burkhalter (ITburparrotfly) ••• Amilee Bishop ••• Pascal V. ••• Rooney Khan ••• Rohan ••• Lucy Lovelock ••• Orlando Gäumann ••• Tino (Lapidus) ••• Mario Imanuel ••• Sesheperdrules ••• Emily (Purple Yeti) ••• Reka G (chewie♥) ••• Sina Straumann (TheHungryHippo) ••• JD Gut(TheSwissJackalope) ••• Mo (eierlegendiwollmilchsau) ••• Manu ••• Beatrice (FlameSquirrel)

You can also search the Kommunity MEMBERS base for a particular location (city usually works best) such as these folks in Zurich:  http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profiles/members/?q=zurich

CAUTION: also contains those residing in the town of Lake Zurich, IL (USA)


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