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Having a bit of trouble finding any other Scandinavian beasts, so, any fellow vikings out there?

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Jaada, Norge her! :D

WEE! Danmark her. Så var der nogen :D

yaaay :D

I am from Norway :)

Yaaay Norge :D

Still having trouble locating Scandanavian MB's? 

Check out names on the pins of the The International Mythical Beast Mapping Project

There are, in fact, quite a few Nords, Danes and Swedes amongst us!


The BatchGeo interactive mapping tool allows you to choose between regular street map, terrain or a satellite image.  You can also use Google Map's Street View in select areas of the world, allowing for a virtual driving tour. Just double click anywhere on the globe to enlarge / zoom and then drag the mouse to move from place to place.


Yaay I am mentioned two times :D

WHAT ?!?  are you the Martin formerly known as the heyhoohaematopus ?

If so, I would be willing to update your name just this one time, but only one map pin mention per MB is allowed!!!

I am indeed, hehe, most important thing is that I am Martin B :)

There're more Danes than I would've thought:)

Sweden represent!

Yay! So many more vikings than I actually thought there would be :D


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