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Konrad H (Dybuk) had a really good idea!

Let's see how many languages we can list for the saying:


Once enough languages have been contributed, I'll probably compile them into a GOOD MYTHICAL MORNING banner similar to the WELCOME banner used to greet new members . . .

Only one rule - - ->


All submissions must come from a Kommunity member who is fluent in their respective "mother tongue".

  1. English - - Good Mythical Morning
  2. Polish - - Dobry Mityczny Poranek
  3. Swedish - - God Mytisk Morgon
  4. German - - Guten Mystischen Morgen
  5. Spanish - -  Buenos Míticos Días 
  6. Finnish - - Hyvää Myyttistä Aamua
  7. Hungarian - - Jó Mitikus Reggelt
  8. Turkish - - İyi Efsanevi Sabahlar
  9. Japanese - - Shinwa no Ohayou - -  神話 のおはよう
  10. Welsh - - Bore Chwedlonol Da
  11. Serbian - - Dobro Mitsko Jutro
  12. Persian - - بامداد افسانه مانند شما نیک باد
  13. Afrikaans - - Goeie Mitiese Môre 
  14. Arabic - - صباح الخير الاسطوري
  15. French - - Bonne Matinée Mythique!
  16. Portuguese - - Bom Dia Mítico!
  17. Ukrainian - - добрий міфічний ранок
  18. Filipino - - Magandang Mitolohikang Umaga!
  19. Irish - - Maidin Mhiotasach Mhaith
  20. Scottish - - Guid meith morn!
  21. Russian - - Доброе Мифическое Утро!
  22. Lithuanian - - Labo Mitinio Ryto!
  23. Dutch/Flemish - - Goede mythische morgen!
  24. Tamil - - நல்ல புராணகரமான காலை 
  25. Norwegian - - God mystisk morgen
  26. Chinese (simplified) - - 怪兽野兽的 早上好
  27. Slovenian - - Dobro Mitično Jutro
  28. Czech - - Dobré mýtické ráno
  29. Estonian - - Head Müütiline Hommikut!
  30. Greek - - Καλό Μυθικό Πρωί!
  31. Italian - - Buon mitico giorno
  32. Thai - - สวัสดี ยามเช้า ในตำนาน

The original GMM World Wide box has been filled,

but I will entertain additional languages and update

both the list and image at some future date.

Thank you all for your contributions!


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Hey no problem :) 
It is actually, since both countries are from the same Slavic backgrounds, as Croatia and Bosnia etc. :) Maybe Slovakia a bit less but still :)

Dobré mýtické ráno - Czech republic and Slovakia (we have the same language :D)

Head müsteerilist hommikut! :)  -In Estonian :)

Thanks for the contribution, Sofia, but when I checked on the translator it could not find anything that matched the word "müsteerilist" - - instead it translated MYTHICAL as müütiline.

Could you please explain the difference or pick the correct word before I post to the list?


καλή μυθικό πρωί! - greek
You don't seem like you know Greek... Morning isn't a feminine!

We don't have a word for mythical in greenlandic, but a translation might be paasiuminaatumik ullaarsiorluarisi

Qujanarsuaq! Umiatsiaasara pullattagaq nimerussanik ulikkaarpoq.

Italian -  Buon mitico giorno

Thanks, Drinny! 

Italian makes it 31 languages (32 counting ASL) and fills up the box.  This KBE is now complete unless there is a furious onslaught of additional submissions.  I still haven't heard back from Ungaaq Simonsen on a clarification for Greenlandic . . . so who knows what the future holds????

Hey! The greek version is a bit wrong! (It seems like its translated via google translate actually...) The normal way to say it is "Καλό Μυθικό Πρωί" and not "καλή Μυθικό πρωί" PLEASE CORRECT IT!

สวัสดียามเช้าในตำนาน - It's Thai language. I do believe it will be difficult to find more Thai people in here.



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