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I have recently become obsessed with Rhett and Link and everything GMM, but was disappointed to discover none of my friends had even heard of them! Would be great to get to know someone near by who likes them as much as I can do . If you are from Scotland , hit me up!

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Scots who have made their presence known in this group usually post to the UK Mythical Beasts! thread  (as I see you have also).  Those who have made any comment post there or on the group main page are also added (by me) to The International Mythical Beast Mapping Project 

As of this date, the Scotland map pin includes:

Heather (Siantole) ••• Kirsty Houston (Kirstogious) ••• Douglas Stewart (Art Student) ••• Rebecca Brannan ••• Roslyn (Polphin) ••• Ross White ••• Mark M. (Malarky) ••• Paige Barrett (ThunderLion) ••• Edward Lee (Edward Hawkmoth) ••• Shirley Valentine ••• Aga ••• Tara Copic ••• Eoghan Warner ••• Kieran Vincent Clark ••• Fraser Smith ••• ryan brennan ••• Kev (Polar Dragon) ••• Liz Simpson (Longana) ••• Claire S (tucaroo) ••• Hartley Roberts ••• Lyndsey ••• Dale Murray ••• Christopher Mitchell-Lay ••• Hartley Roberts ••• Dom Pitts(aquarinatolal stalion) ••• Eleanor Hyland ••• Kieran Rennie ••• Fraxinusbash ••• Emma Corrado ••• Fraser Drysdale (MysticalHaggis) ••• Hartley Roberts ••• Sara Mclean ••• Marco Carratore ••• Tracy Carruthers ••• Elizabeth Owen ••• Fraser (Bracketed Beast) ••• Sheryl Soutter ••• Zoe- TheRandomKillerQueenPheonix ••• Shona Watt ••• Beth Ward ••• Kirsty Watters

P.S. - - you could also search thru the 105,000+ member base for a city name / location to find other MBs near you.  For example, here is the list of those who have identified themselves as living in Edinburgh . . .


For all the Scots out there . . .


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