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Do you wear a Rhett and Link teeshirt, or invite people over to watch Finding Miss Locklear,or use a phrase from the Rhett and Link vocabuary. I tell people about Rhett and Link,by wearing my Rhett and Link Rock Teeshirt. What is your way of spreading the word.

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I wear my t-shirt, and also use references from songs. They'll ask "where did that come from?" and I take it from there.
Well, created a page on Xanga.com, and have their RSS feed on the BFN Toolbar. Also have created the Rhettandlink Toolbar for the Kommunity.

On youtube, I rate them, and that updates my twitter account automatically.

My twitter account will also auto-retweet at least 3-5 people who mention rhettandlink each few hours.

So, yeah, I promote them online where ever I can. :)

In the Real world...I share R&L with friends and family.

I'm a bit crazy that way.
You guys are excellent. I love the picture of you in your teeshirt Emily, Way to go. Also, Edlives love The Rhett and Link toolbar and Xanga.com.Keep up the good work!!
I posted a competition video on my new youtube page, Rhett and Link VS Fred, i know for a fact that Rhett and link would win... if i had any viewers... anyways, here is the video, spread it around the community, maybe ill have a reason to make another video.

I post their videos on FB, tell friends about them, even if their very very old ;-)
id wear a tshirt if i had one
I have a bunch of their t-shirts and since I started wearing them people started noticing me. Thank you Rhett and Link for putting me on the map.

Joey chewbaquatch said:
id wear a tshirt if i had one
Apparently, not everyone thinks that Rhett&Link are funny... I can't quite seem to wrap my head around why'd that be, but a lot of people I introduce them to just think they're weird!! So, I haven't exactly started any life-long Mythical Beasts, but I have gotten many people to at least start liking them. I usually do this by one of two ways:

1. I show them the Fathers' Day Gift Advice video (usually to my relatives, because it's just the knid of humor my family has)
2. A topic of conversation comes up that Rhett&Link have made a video about (which has actually worked a lot more times than one would think, considering how many videos they have)

My favorite things to hear after I show someone a video is "I love these guys! What other funny videos have they made?" or "That was great; I've got to email this to a friend of mine!". As I said before, I've never been able to get someone truly devoted, but at least I kontribute in some way... :)
If I babysit, I show the videos to the kids and tell them to bug their parents about watching them again when they get home. I also have the videos automatically post on FB and am starting to get regular comments from friends!
Way to go Christina!! Your awesome!! Keep up the good work!!


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