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I was talking to Marik, and she (or he we don't know which) thinks it would be cool to make this "Empire" a little more realistic.  One change would be we would have jobs.  The employer (to be decided who this will be) will post a job and a description, and if you think you are willing and able, you accept and get the job.  Each job will have a pay and all your earnings will go to your bank account ( this will be in a separate discussion and the banker, will keep track of who has what.  we will decide on the banker just like the employer)

Trading-  Another cool edition would be that if all the different "Empires" could trade with each other in exchange for money.  Since we don't have actual bills to use the bankers will simply have to be honest.

Raiding- A possible way to earn money from enemy Empires.  All the Empires will have to decide on an  amount of money you get for raiding an enemy Empire.

Much of this is still a work in progress, but i think this could work

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raiding depends on how well it works and how long you can stay and raid their resouces and banks and how many people are defending the raiders

we also need to decide what each empire can mass produce

Yep, each empire can decide on that and a price


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