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i found them back in 2010 when i was on a surfing trip...on the internet.

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I have seen several of their videos in the past but it wasn't until late last year I started watching gmm daily. I am a big fan now.

My cousin showed some vids and i was hooked.  There so funny

They are!

I also found them in 2010 while surfing the web too. That is soo funny

I was browsing on youtube, saw an old one, click, and got hooked!

Well i am going to tell my story on when did i get hooked on R&L and how it happen: A couple of days before 2014 ended i became really dissapointed on who i have always seen as my role model, my dreams were slowly fading out and i was just getting sad, but then i don’t know how on my YouTube dash a GMM video came up, i had already heard of Rhett and Link (thanks to the fine bros) but i wasn’t just intersted on them (I thought of them as just some hipster dudes xD) , still i didn’t had anything better to do so i watch the episode. And here I am 1 week and a half later watching their videos all day long, even told my best friend to watch it together whenever she comes, i now follow them here, on twitter, tumblr and facebook. And guess what? I know have a big smile on my face again, i laugh a lot watching them, they brought me up again.

Last year on my Birthday cause i go channel searching and suggestion watching for new stuff to watch. I saw GMM and was interested so i clicked on the video (Best TV theme songs EVER) and was completly (i cannot spell for my life) hooked, so I watched more and more and I watch everyday now and watch all the new music vids. Rhett and Link are now my FAVORITE youtubers ever going like 1000000% above anything else I've  ever watched. I am very happy to wake up in mornings just so i can watch GMM! I laugh and smile more often because of them! :D Thank you Rhett and Link <3 :3

Well, I was doing exactly nothing when my brother showed me the Drive Thru Folk Song and I got on my laptop and did extensive research on Rhett and Link. I know watch every GMM every morning and know the lyrics to almost all their songs xD I'm really happy someone showed me them, cause now I'm an fan 4 lyfe :P

A couple months ago I found their channel and started watching. The first video I saw was about 7 years ago called rub some bacon on it =)

I was hooked on their "Will it?"episodes, I found them super entertaining and funny! And after a little bit of just clicking around their channels, they became a big part of my life! And a part of my daily routine, of course!

One time I was looking up a bunch of optical illusions and I came across a video with these two dudes (Rhett and Link) and thought these guys were hilarious! Soon I found myself watching more and more until now I watch at least one a day. :)

It was sometime last year when a friend showed me "Will it Taco?". I can't believe it took me this long to join the Kommunity.


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