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If you have any questions about anything on this website just ask and i will do the best i can to answer them. :-D

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here, and I was wondering, what features of the site would you recommend? I was also wondering, how can you send stuff to GMM?

Thanks everyone!

hey nick! To answer your first question i would recommend the chat room of course,  also there are alot of discussions to check out.  by sending stuff to gmm i assume you mean mail?  if that is what you mean then on every gmm on thursday (the day they open mail) they usually show their address sometime during the show.  if you still have any questions feel free to ask

Hey just wondering what KBE is and why I can't upload a new profile picture. I tried several version and other pictures

GOOOOOOOOOOOOd question.  Well a KBE is a Kommunity Building Exercise.  Gumbo123 (you have probably already met him or atleast got a welkomm from him)  he posts these every once and a while just as a way for us to grow as a Kommunity.  Here is a link to one of my favorite KBEs  http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/forum/topics/my-newest-kbe-the-myth...

now to your second question,  i had the same problem.  Everytime i tried to upload a photo it gave me an error.  as you can see i did manage to get one eventually.  the way i did it (i have no idea why this worked)  is i opened the photo with microsoft Paint ( if you don't have that program or you are on a mac please let me know)  and i edited the photo slightly.  i then saved the photo in its new form, and when i uploaded it, it worked.  Again i have NO idea why or how, but it took a while before it let me upload my profile photo.  Also try uploading a regular photo and see if you can even do that.  this might also show you a problem if you cannot.  Well i hope this helps, if not http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/profile/Gumbo123 he might know something about this, maybe.

@ Adam - - the R&L Kommunity is built on the NING social platform that only support photos in the .jpg, .gif, and .png file formats.  If the pic you are trying to upload is saves as a .bmp or other type, it just won't work.

@Gumbo people still have photo issues even if they are the right format.  My photos i was trying to upload were .jpg and they still did not work.  do you know of any other criteria it must fit, besides that and size?

I'm kinda confused on how to get the mythical beast name in parenthacese after your name do you just like write that for your last name or what?

never mind

Common question, and a great one!  Well on the Top right (not quite to the top) you should see a box that looks like this





Friends (invite)


Click on settings and there should be an option to add a profile photo at the top of the setting page.


I'm just wondering how you can get credits to give gifts.

Can someone tell me?

Hello Hannah!  Getting credits is another way R&L earn their money.  If you are wanting to get credits you must buy them.  When you go to give somebody a gift, and it says you  need more credits there is an option to buy more.  While i do wish you could get them free, R&L do have to earn some money.

Oh, i understand, thank you for your response. :)


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