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What is your guy's favorite GMM?

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Probably all of them... The all make me laugh until I can't breathe

ya GMM is just such a funny show!  I would say my favorite would have to be The Ghost Pepper Chalenge.

Ghost pepper challenge, or the bug eating one

I really love "Our Dreamhouse Explodes" "Worst Prank Call Ever", and all the Gutless Wonders.


the waxing episode lololl

Attract Girls with These Dance Moves

probably bug wars ft: herb the tarantula 

The safest way to walk. I die every time

Thats a good one!

I love the broccoli commercial one. I always quote one when i eat broccoli.  

i would quote it when i eat broccoli  but . . .  i don't eat green stuff.  Well i do drink green koolaid XD


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