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This is the spot for sharing photos and videos of all

the MythiCon 2017 gatherings that occurred

worldwide this past weekend. 

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Great idea!  I'm definitely going to do something like this next year, then maybe more MBs will join in!

  Halifax, Mythicon :) 

I am unable to access the site, blocked by corporate firewall.  Is there a way you can upload to the Kommunity or YouTube?

They are all uploaded to the Komm :)

Either here or on my profile page :)

I had replied to the wrong thread before!  Oops, here it is for my NJ attempthttps://youtu.be/XAvkSV819GI

And here's our mini MythiCon Bulgaria. We watched Buddy System and make our own Will it Banitsa?
With: chicken hearts; pork liver; Anchovies; burrito stuffing; Lemon slices with sugar :)

Btw our flag is wrong ;)

@ Desi - - sorry for the flag mixup - - I first searched out each US State and other participating countries on Wikipedia then took the best image I could find online.  The one you post above is, according to Wiki, the Standard of the President while the one I used is supposed to be the national flag (since 1991)


Once again i'm convinced how wrong is Wikipedia. Our National flag is (and always been) white, green and red. And the flag that you use is red, white and green - that's the flag of Hungary not ours.



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