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Location:            Fabyan Forest Preserve - - Shelter #4 across from the Windmill

Address:             1500 Crissey Ave., Geneva, IL 60134

Website:             http://kaneforest.com/fp/fabyan.aspx

Your Host:         Paulette Panzer

Facebook Event:  https://www.facebook.com/events/451302778574118

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Do you think that you will be attending? MythiCon 2017 - - Illinois #1 - - Geneva IL USA will be held at the Fabyan Forest Preserve Shelter #4 in Kane County. The shelter is on the East side of Route 25 between Route 38 and Fabyan Parkway and is across the street from the windmill. Do you think that you will be attending?

The page header and MythiCon 2017 mapping tool are now updated with your gathering site selection.


Yes, Thank you for confirming the address and adding the link!

We are happy to announce that IV Media Resources has agreed to video tape our event. The Mythicon 2017 Illinois #1 Geneva video will be available on YouTube on or before August 31st. http://www.infinitevideo.com/

GIFTICALITY - ANDERSON ANIMAL SHELTER - https://www.facebook.com/AndersonAnimalShelterIL/
Stretch and Scratch (stretchandscratch.com)
Newspaper (shredded to 1-2 inch wide strips is immensely appreciated)
Paper Towels
Pedigree dry puppy food
IAMS dry kitten food
K&H Manufacturing Microwavable Pet Bed (Amazon)
Frontline Plus (cats or dogs; any size) (Amazon)
Pedigree canned dog food
Canned cat food (especially Friskies turkey and giblets flavor)
Paper towels
Gallons of bleach
Sealable storage bags (sandwich, quart and gallon size)
Dog toys
Cat toys (they really love the feather toys!)
Thundershirts, small, medium and large (available at Petco, Petsmart and Amazon)
Kongs (available at Petco, Petsmart and Amazon)
Large dog pill pockets
KMR (kitten replacement milk), feeding bottles and other kitten supplies
Gift cards to Petco, PetSmart or Costco
Pet wipes
Ammonia-free glass cleaner such as Windex Crystal Rain
Gently used towels, flat sheets and blankets - no fitted bed sheets, pillows or curtains please
Soft Paws or Soft Claws
Kitty litter – non scoopable
Feliway spray or plug in refills
Stretch and Scratch (www.stretchandscratch.com)
Stainless steel pet food bowls
Training treats
Monetary donations

MythiCon 2017 is one month from today.

Updated the street address in the page header and mapping tool now that I was able to locate the WINDMILL and pinpoint your pavilion within the park.  The previous address listed was likely for the park office across the river.

The shelter is on the east side of Route 25 (Chrissy) south of Route 38 (Roosevelt Road) and north of Fayban Parkway.

Yeah double click on the GENEVA, IL map pin and you should see a close-up of the location.  Drop into "street view" and you can see both your pavilion and the windmill.

*August 12th will most likely be hot. We will have fans with ice to cool the shelter, a little.
*Heat exhaustion can be a serious problem. You should follow various precautions when exposed to excessive heat to help prevent the possibility of heat exhaustion:
*Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of (non-alcoholic) liquids to replace fluids lost from sweating. This is important to maintain your proper body temperature.
*Thirst is not an indicator of proper hydration.
*Wear clothing that is lightweight, loose fitting and light colored, allowing your body to sweat and cool.
*Wear sufficient sunscreen with a high SPF to avoid sunburn.
*On a hot day it is best not to be in the sun from 10am to 3 pm. (Which our gathering is from 1 - 3, there are a shade trees!)
*Avoid heavy exertion, find a cooler place, such as an air conditioned building or a shady, breezy spot to take a break.
Can't wait! I actually live in Geneva, so this will be perfect for me!



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