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Feel free to browse around the 70+ comments posted on this thread, but as the event date is quickly approaching it is not feasible to ask anyone to start a local meeting in an unplanned area so you can attend.

On the other hand, if you are certain that you CAN and WILL host a new meeting, just post your request HERE so an event discussion page can be created.  Please give as much detail as possible including location name, address, Facebook event page, etc.

No promises! however, if you can not or will not host a local MythiCon event but you are wishing that someone would take up the cause and throw a party that you can attend, leave a quick note here.

Who knows? it might encourage someone to step out and host a get together if they knew there was enough interest for one in their home town or nearby.


As the MythiCon 2016 coordinator, I will not be monitoring this page for requests. This is simply the place where you and fellow MBs to start a discussion and express an interest, hopefully to encourage a potential host.

If you definitely can and will host a meeting post your notice

ON THIS OTHER PAGE so a thread can be created for your event.

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Hiya! I signed up to host for Utah this year, so you and your friend an definitely come. (o:
As much as I'd love to I don't have time to organise UK mythicon but would love to possibly attend one.

Someone please do a meetup somewhere near NY Buffalo I would really appreciate it since I have always wanted to go but I couldn't because it was to far away! I would really appreciate it! and if it is possible could it be at Lockport NY... I would definitely go if it was in that area! please someone make one in Buffalo or Lockport please!

or near Rochester!

Man! Nobody in the Middle Tennessee area yet? :(

How about Maine? I think there was one in the Pine Tree state last year, but I had a family gathering that day and could not attend.

Sarah, no contact with last year's host yet.  Here is the MythiCon ME-2015 thread, so maybe you can get with her to discuss starting one?

I hosted it last year in Portland however we are on vacation in Key West, FL on the 13th. I'm so bummed, next year I will make sure to host, it but if anyone else is willing to take up the cause for this year feel free.

Can someone PLEASE host one in either Tucson or Phoenix (Arizona) cause my dad said he would take me if  it was in one of those 2 places cause they are closer.And I can not host it myself cause i'm 11. And i am already upset cause I have been cheated out of 3 thing I wanted to go to cause of distance.....It would mean a lot to me

Hey guys! We need one in or around Billings Montana!! I am unable to host, so is there anyone willing to step up?


I can't be at all of the MythiCon 2016 events, but I'm "interested" and following the planning discussions of each of these as they progress. Good luck to each and every MythiCon host . . . be your mythical best!



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