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Location:       Smithsonian National Zoo

Address:        3001 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC  20008

Website:        http://nationalzoo.si.edu/

Your Host:     Victoria (Centauromadoose) and E. Mιʅʅισɳαɾσ$ (Cҽɳƚαυɾσɱαɱσσʂҽ)

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Im definitely going to be there, last years was really chill so I'm excited to go again! ❤️

Aw yay! I look forward to seeing you again! :D

Awesome!!! I will hope that I can come too.

Great! We'd love to have you!

POST FROM THE HOST: Hey, Beasts! I'm your host for the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including southern Maryland and northern Virginia; I also hosted last year, so if you attended then, you know who I am. :)

We will meet just inside the main entrance of the Smithsonian National Zoo at 1:00 pm. Admission is FREE, but if you park at the zoo, they charge about $20. The zoo is also easily accessible via the Red Line on the metro. Lunch plans are not built into our Mythicon meet-up, so please plan to eat either before or after. The zoo has several eateries inside of it; there's also a Starbucks across the street and lots of restaurants down the road by the Cleveland Park metro stop.

Like last year, activities will include a round of introductions (including how you found Rhett and Link, favorite episodes and songs, etc.), Rhett and Link trivia, and filming a Wheel of Mythicality video for submission to GMM. This time I have some official Rhett and Link stickers to hand out as trivia awards, so study up!

I'm also totally open to other activity ideas if you guys have any. :)

Set a world record!

I would like to go but I don't drive. Is there anyone who is coming from the Hagerstown/ Frederick area of Maryland that can give me a ride?

Hi, Cyprus! Are you able to get to a MARC station/line that can then connect you to a DC Metro line? The zoo is easily accessible on the DC Metro red line if you can use public transportation to get there.

yeah but the MARC doesn't run up my way on the weekends and the closest Metro station is in Shady Grove about a half and hour away ( I don't drive).Keeping my fingers crossed that something will change. Thanks anyway

I have a few questions and I might ask more in the future, because I am really interested in coming and I've never been to one before :). First question: Is there any sort of security there whether it's event security for Mythicon itself or security for the zoo? Second question: How does the trivia work? Third question: How does the event work, are there stations of activities, are you put in groups, etc? Fourth question: Are we allowed to take pics and film videos there? Fifth question: How long does it last? If you answer these questions for me I would appreciate it! I am really excited and I really hope to be there!

Hey, Eastononi! Mythicon is a very informal environment. Because it takes place at numerous locations throughout the world simultaneously, the local meet-ups are generally small get-togethers that give Mythical Beasts an opportunity to hang out and bond over Rhett and Link. It's not a large, national, formal convention like Vidcon.

1) I believe the zoo has internal security that keeps an eye on things, but they are not related to our Mythicon gathering. The zoo is is free and public, so we are free to gather there without formal notice to them.

2) Last year, I presented each trivia question to the whole group, and whoever shot their hand up first got to answer; if they didn't get it correct, everyone got another opportunity to try it. Whoever had the most total correct answers by the end won an extra little goodie bag that I had made. BUT I might try a different method for the trivia this year; I haven't decided on it yet! I also have some official Rhett and Link stickers from their store to give out this year. :)

3) Like I said, it's pretty informal, so we stay together as a full group. Last year we had about 10 people (not including parents) attend DC Mythicon, so it was pretty easy to keep everyone involved. We started out with a round of introductions including where you're from and how you found Rhett and Link, then did the trivia, then briefly saw a couple of exhibits as a group, then went back to the front gate to make a Wheel of Mythicality video at the zoo sign. If you or anyone has other ideas we can do, I'm happy to hear them!

4) Absolutely!!

5) I think our Mythicon group was together for something like 45 minutes to an hour (can't quite remember)...I would budget about an hour total for it. Afterward, some of the families split off and explored the rest of the zoo as a family outing. :)

Quick question, where at the zoo are we meeting? Thanks! 



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