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Post all of your MythiCon 2015

pics & videos here for others to enjoy!

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Here's our Wheel of Mythicality intro!

I got nothing:( but I was going to share my art:) 

The Mythical meet up was fantastic in Tempe/Phoenix area Arizona! Thanks to all the Young MB's and their MB parents for participating. You were great on knowing about Rhett and Link but I'm glad you found some new stuff about them also. My suggestion is to do this at the end of every season!!


It's Time to Spin the Wheel of Mythicality!

A few more with us singing the GUACAMOLE song and the spin the wheel of mythicality.

I love the moustaches!

Hey Victoria, have you uploaded our wheel of mythicality video yet?
Just look up ^^^ about 6 spaces

Sprngfld MO MythiCon. Unfortunately, it was only my brother (who can down from Arkansas to visit) and I who attended. However there were quite a few people asking about our shirts that I made. I told them what it was and told them to check out R&L's YouTube page. These are some photo props I made, not pictured is the letter I made to send to R&L, will upload a picture of it when I get the chance.

Your photo props are amazing! It's too bad more people didn't come to use them, but you did a great job. :D
That just means that you guys are the most mythical of mythical beasts in Missouri! :)


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