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If you can (and will) host an international meet-up event in an area not already listed below, leave your request here and we will add a discussion page for your part of the mythical world. 



Australia , Asia & Oceana


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South Africa pleaseeeeeee
I hoped for India to be there and would be great if in Mumbai, it would be possible...

I would like one in London, Ontario, Canada. I Probably not be able to host But I have a better chance of attending! I would like someone to try and make a meet up. I might be able to help

Atlantic Canada would be awesome..

Toronto, Ontario Canada! 

We must!

Would if I could ;(

YES! Somewhere in the GTA area would be awesome


I can host and attend an international meet-up in Edinburgh, Scotland if there is any demand for one?

This one is all yours.  Ceud mìle fàilte!

Cheers! Time to find more Mythical Scottish Beasts!


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