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If you can (and will) host an international meet-up event in an area not already listed below, leave your request here and we will add a discussion page for your part of the mythical world. 



Australia , Asia & Oceana


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Thanks, Mythical Beast PH !!! 

I have posted the link to the MythiCon Philippines page in the listing above and also on your wall as soon as it is set up.  Use the discussion page there for all your event planning and recruiting attendees.

Could anyone host one in Vancouver?

Come to Ottawa! :D Or make the trip to Seattle? Or... you can host!

Chris and I can't host for Denmark, since we're in Northern Ireland visiting his Parental Unit

You know that Moose will be in USA by July . . . somebody needs to take over the N. Ireland meeting too!

Dearest sweetest gumbo, now that the date is getting closer Chris' parents have started making plans for the week, and because they're both back to work now, we won't actually get that much time to spend with them while we're in NI. But neither of them are working saturday which means that'll be family day, that said, I'll see if we can snap a quick picture of Chris and I (I will not put pictures of my in-laws up), but quality time with Chris' parents is the first priority (the relationship with his parents is already difficult because of the distance, and I don't want to put any further strain on it).

Besides, my in-laws still haven't quite understood that Chris and I met on the Kommunity, they're convinced we met through gaming, though I have no clue why they think that...

I'm very sorry that we can't be that helpful this year, but we'll try our best next year, promise!

I really wish that you could visit Bosnia and Herzegovina...that would be awesome!
Please come to Brisbane, Qld, Australia

yes I would go if they have one

Can you guys come to Australia, Sydney

yesssss ikr ahhh

Sydney Australia pleaseeeeee


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