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Who is your favorite pair to see together in my little pony and why? I have two favorite pairs. First is Fluttershy and rainbow dash because they are polar opposites. You wouldnt expect them to be friends but they are. One of my favorite mlp moments is rainbow dash trying to get Fluttershy to cheer louder and Fluttershy responds with her little "yay!" And I always love how rainbow dash sticks up for Fluttershy. Second is rarity and pinkie pie. I actually wish we saw more interaction between just those two in the series. I just saw the episode where the ponies are chasing applejack through the desert and pinkie pie jumps off the cart yelling "rarity catch me!" and they have to use the handcar to get home.

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Twilight and Spike - the original odd couple. I wonder if Spike and Rarity will become a more official romantic couple in Season Three. The mind wonders...

the problem with rarity and spike is spike is a baby

oh and rarity and sweetie belle

applejack and her apple tree lol

I like Rarity and spike, so cute! :)

Classic apple joke - LOL!!! :)

Pinkie and her cupcakes! 

NICE!!! :)

pinkie pie and anyone makes for a good show

Good point /)



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