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Ok, i was just wondering what mods you guys fancy..... any mods that are fun and good are welcome here! lol ok  

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Technic, YogBox, Feed the Beast.

Those are my favorite mod packs. Absolute favorite mod... Equivalent Exchange.

My brother and I play on our private Tekkit server. We both chose to max out EE2 before working with very many other mods in the pack. Though I've recently started working with Industrial Craft, Red Power, and Computer Craft more. Trying to get a working power plant for an NPC village. ^_^

My favorite mod packs would probably have to be Tekkit and Hack/Mine.  Any singular mods that I mod myself are usually Zombe's Modpack,(i use flymod from that) Rei's minimap, and Too Many Items.  Sometimes I'll include Clay soldiers, Mo Creatures, and other fun mods.  If you need help modding your Minecraft, I can help, just message me ahead of time and I'll see if I can make time.

My fav mod is Feathersong. It's realistic and I love the cobblestone because it's nice and neat!

Very late, I know, but I never got an e-mail for this reply. =\

Feathersong is a texture pack, not a mod. Mods change gameplay, not just the looks.

Think more along the lines of adding weapons (like a boomerang) or changing monster behavior (like friendly creepers).

More Explosives mod and Hidden Doors Mod. 

Those two are the best.

Bibliocraft, Technic, Rei's minimap, Mo Creatures, and Too Many Items. 



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