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Who is your favorite LOTR character???

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Mine is probably either Pippin or Gimili!

Gah, this one is always hard.......I gotta go with Sam. I love his personality and how strong his character is. There's a lot of of symbolism and religious meanings behind LOTR, and Sam shows a lot of it.

On the other hand...Pippin has the best accent. :D hehehe. *happy dance*

I know that's what I love about LOTR and my dad relates things to it all the time lol. I like sam but Pippin is really funny. And Gimili has such a funny personality, but I can't say for sure yet because I haven't finished reading the book and a lot of things are different so some of those characters I haven't even gotten to yet.

I definitely agree with Jessica^^

Oh, this is tough...my favorite characters would probably be Theoden and Eowyn, particularly in the movies, and definitely Aragorn! :)

...though I do have a crush on Eomer ;)

Gimli or Gandalf or Eomer

I've always had a particular affinity for Legolas. Though I also love Bilbo a ton, from his adventures in The Hobbit.

Also, the Witch-king of Angmar is basically the coolest guy ever. Who cares if he's evil?

Ooooh, I totally agree with you about the Witch-king of Angmar! He is soooo epic!! :D

That makes three of us. And to make him even cooler, he has the most wonderful pet ever, a fell beast! :D

...and he has a cool hat (I know it's a helmet, but I call it a hat).

His helmet is one of the coolest things about him! Also, if I had to have any pet, I'd follow his example.

I haven't gotten to the witch king of Angmar yet :'( *tear* I must hurry and finish this book!!!!

Gotta go with Aragorn... But they are all so AMAZING!


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