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I'm Matt Dufilho in Lubbock, Texas. I do internal, web, and commercial production for University Medical Center, video production for Gone Virtual Studios, and post the occasional YouTube video.

Here are some links to my work websites and my YouTube page.


Looking forward to hearing from other members. Let us know who you are and what you do.

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I've been working as a multimedia consultant for the past 10 years in the areas of Documentary, Short Film, Television and the Web whilst specialising in Social Media.

Throughout my experience, I have gained advanced knowledge and skills in: Acting, Digital Audio/Imaging/Video, Graphic Design, Internet Programming, Microsoft Office and Multimedia Authoring as well as Professional Qualifications.

I'm a confident go-getter with passion and desire for inspiring people and the world.

Website: www.kussowskibrothers.com/lucas

Twitter: @LucasKussowski

YouTube: www.youtube.com/LucasKussowski

I record and edit for The "CodyMastersMusic" channel on YouTube. Some of those videos are ridiculously hard to edit (Mainly the Q&A, which took hours). Check it out! It'd help!

-The 'Mazingly Mythical Marcus Bean

NICE!!! :)

I'm Amy from upstate NY and I'm the Videography Supervisor at a youth baseball facility.  During our 13 week season, our crew does two live broadcasts per week.  We also shoot, edit, and distribute a weekly highlight reel.

SWEET!!! :)


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