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While growing up, my family always said that it didn't matter if I someday brought home a boyfriend or a girlfriend - all that matters was my happiness.

In other words: they have always been very tolerant and accepting even though I've never really pin pointed my sexual orientation (it's quite difficult since I'm female by birth, but don't identify myself as either male or female).

Anyway, my question to you LGBT mythical beasts is: how did your family and friends react when you "came out"?

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Took them a while to get used to it, but once they understood and knew more they were ok, apart from my father who decided to disown me, my mother and him were divorced, so I ended up living with my mum and gran.

My mom was in a really bad relationship with a homophobic, racist, sexist man who she was married to and my stepfamily was very unaccepting of anything LGBT related or anything that wasn't white and heteronormative. I hid my sexuality from all of them for about 5 months. My stepsisters found out through a classmate and eventually one of them told my stepfather. In the beginning, the reaction was overwhelmingly negative and I found myself away from home as often as possible. But eventually my mother got divorced and she has since become a very loving and supportive parent. She bought me a pride ring a few years ago for Christmas and when I entered my first serious relationship with a girl that lasted for a year and eight months, she continually supported and helped with everything that came with the relationship. I'm in a very small town in rural New York with a bunch of rednecks, so it's nice to know she has my back. My father lives in California and was accepting of me immediately. My grandma is accepting for the most part, although she still believes I'll end up married to a nice young man. 


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